On September 8, warrants were issued for Filbert Thomas Aragon in connection with the two bank robberies that occurred in April of 2019 at Power Credit Union in Trinidad.

A press release from TPD stated that Aragon was “charged with 2 Counts of Aggravated Robbery and 2 Counts of Menacing.  He is being held on an additional $50,000 cash only bond.”

On April 18 of 2019, TPD responded to a report of a bank robbery at Powers Credit Union and almost 2 weeks later on April 29, 2019 officers responded again to a bank robbery at the same location.

On August 20, TPD arrested Paul Thompson after responding to a report of a possible stolen vehicle at the Quality Inn Hotel. Thompson also had an active arrest warrant out of Huerfano County Sheriff’s Office for domestic violence.

After searching Thompson, officers reported finding a syringe and “a clear baggie that contained a brown tar like substance about the size of a ping pong ball.”

Officers also reported asking Thompson what the substance was to which he replied, “It’s heroin.”

On August 22, TPD officers arrested Allyson East for possession of a controlled substance and driving a vehicle with a revoked license after witnessing her fail to signal when turning.

Noticing East’s vehicle earlier parked in front of a suspected drug house, officers asked what she was doing at the house and if she had any illegal drugs on her to which East replied she didn’t.

However, following a search due to K9 indication of the presence of a controlled substance, officers found numerous paraphernalia indicative of heroin use as well as what officers believed to be black tar heroin weighing 1.2 grams and white crystal rocks believed to be methamphetamine weighing .6 grams.

On August 23, TPD arrested Miranda Campos for possession of a controlled substance and driving a vehicle without a valid license after witnessing the vehicle she was driving had no working tag lights and performing a routine traffic stop.

Having noticed her vehicle parked at a suspected drug house, officers asked if she had any illegal substances in the vehicle to which Campos stated she didn’t. Nonetheless, officers deployed K9 Hobbs to perform a free-air sniff and once he displayed behavior indicative of the presence of controlled substances, officers had reasonable cause to search Campos’ vehicle.

Following a search, officers recovered numerous items of narcotic paraphernalia and two foil bundles of black tar like substance weighing .6 grams.

On August 24, TPD arrested Elizabeth Ortiz for resisting arrest, obstruction of a peace officer, escape, and an active felony warrant after a reporting officer stated she was attempting to run from them.

After a short foot pursuit, officers were able to take Ortiz into custody and placed her at Crossroads Turning Point Detox facility, which they state in their report is “a secured facility with bars on the windows and secured entry and exit doors that must be opened by staff members.”

That said, a short time later officers were contacted due to Ortiz having escaped the facility under a portion of the fence that had been forced upwards, allowing her to squeeze through.

After locating and detaining Ortiz who had fled to Joe Lucero’s house on the 1500 block of East Main Street, officers asked if they had been using drugs to which Lucero stated they had been smoking heroin.

Ortiz was then taken back into custody and placed at Las Animas County Detention Center following hospital clearance. No further information was given in regards to Lucero’s admittance of using heroin.

On August 26, TPD officers arrested Brenda Sanchez for possession of a controlled substance and failing to signal after observing Sanchez fail to use a turn signal. Officers noted that Savannah Mitchell and Jared Sanchez were also in the vehicle and known to TPD to be narcotics users.

Because Sanchez was leaving a suspected drug house, officers asked why she was at the house and if she had any illegal substances in the vehicle. Sanchez stated she was picking up her brother and did not have illegal substances.

After a K9 free-air sniff which indicated possible presence of controlled substances, officers searched and found paraphernalia used for smoking heroin along with a foil bundle of a black tar-like substance weighing .7 grams.

On August 27, TPD officers arrested Jessica Washburn for an active warrant as well as possession of a controlled substance after observing her walking on East Strong Street. After placing Washburn under arrest, officers found paraphernalia used for methamphetamine consumption as well as narcotics, though a precise amount was not divulged in the report.

On August 28, TPD officers arrested Randy Haigh for harassment and criminal mischief after a report of a disturbance on West Sixth Street. Haigh was believed to be intoxicated and was yelling and using expletive language Haigh’s arrest report stated.

Haigh also reportedly struck his girlfriend in the face with the palm of his right hand stating, “I’m God,” and also punched his uncle with a closed fist in the face, though he stated he didn’t want to press charges.

While at detox, employees stated that Haigh, “climbed through the ceiling in the common area making his way to the secured office area. It should be noted that Randy fell through the ceiling in the secured office causing approximately $500 in damage to the ceiling and the TV in the common area.”

On September 5, TPD officers arrested John Garcia for possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence of drugs, failing to use a signal, displaying fictitious plates, and driving a vehicle while license was under restraint after officers observed Garcia failing to use a turn signal and making an illegal U-turn in an intersection.

As Garcia was seen leaving a suspected drug house, officers asked why he was at the house at 1808 Pinon to which he replied he stopped there to let his girlfriend get some things and she never came back out.

After a K9 free-air sniff indicated the possible presence of controlled substances, officers searched Garcia’s vehicle and found numerous paraphernalia items for using heroin and a piece of foil containing .7 grams of a black tar-like substance.

Garcia was then placed in custody and the report states that officers attempted to take him to detox but was turned away due to their detox facility being full. He was then taken to Las Animas County Jail.

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