The evening of Tuesday, Nov. 3 proved to be a quiet one outside the Las Animas County Courthouse following the close of the polls at 7 p.m. and shortly after County Clerk Peach Vigil announced the unofficial final results of the county’s poll numbers with a total of 7,997 votes cast as of the county’s online posted results on Wednesday.

Echoing huge nation wide turnout, Las Animas County’s voter turnout was at a whopping  77.31 percent with 7,611 votes cast out of 9,845 registered voters.

While in years passed, local candidates and party leaders gathered in the halls outside the County Clerk’s office, this year in an effort to keep pollsters, election judges, and officials safe as well as reduce the potentiality of COVID-19 spread, the final unofficial count was presented virtually via Zoom.

Las Animas County Commissioners Luis Lopez II and Felix Lopez were both appointed for another term, unopposed in addition to Third Judicial District Attorney Henry Solano who also ran unopposed. While District 35 Senate Candidate and Trinidad local Carlos Lopez received the majority vote in Las Animas County, his opponent Cleave Simpson took the lead overall with 42,403 to Lopez’s 28,295.

In a video on Lopez’s Facebook election page, he kindly wished his opponent well while also expressing the loss only fueled his desire to keep pushing forward.

“I’m so grateful and thankful for all the support of those who voted for us and our campaign,” said Lopez. “I’m really sad to see that we didn’t pull through, but you know what, that’s OK. This is just going to make me even more hungry for the future. I’m so honored to have had this experience and to have been a part of your lives through all of it. I want to give a congratulations to Cleave Simpson and I hope he does a good job for southern Colorado.”

In the county, Donald Trump and Michael Pence took the lead with 4,255 votes compared to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ 3,465. However at the state level, numbers as of Wednesday morning show Biden to have the lead in Colorado with 1,631,018 compared with Trump’s 1,220,661 votes.

Additionally at the state level, John Hickenlooper holds the lead with 1,565,775 votes cast with Cory Gardner behind with 1,280,289 votes. As for the District 4 Representative to the US Congress, Ken Buck took the lead with 262,621 votes with Ike McCorkle receiving 162,263 votes.

Colorado voted in majority favor of Amendment B repealing the Gallagher Amendment and Amendment C having to do with the conduct of charitable gaming activities. However, because it is adding to the Colorado Constitution, Amendment C requires a 55 percent approval to pass, with current numbers showing a 51.72 percent approval.

Voters also supported Amendment 76 with a 62 percent approval rate and Amendment 77 with a 59.77 percent approval rate.

Las Animas County showed there to be quite a few smokers with a majority of the county (51.47 percent) voting against Proposition EE, increasing taxes on tobacco products, statewide feelings proved different with 68 percent of voters being in favor of the increase.

Voters also voted in favor of Proposition 113, which concerned the adoption of an agreement among states to elect the President by national popular vote, with 1,485,429 for and 1,349,983 against.

The reintroduction of gray wolves is very close with 50.17 percent of voters for the measure and 49.83 percent against.

Voters also voted against Proposition 115, which would prohibit abortions after 22 weeks with 59 percent of voters against the measure.

Almost 57 percent of voters in the state voted for Proposition 116 reducing the states income tax rate from 4.63 percent to 4.55 percent as well as for Proposition 118, creating paid family and medical leave in the state, with 57 percent of voters in support of the issue.

As a reminder, all currently posted results are unofficial until the end of the month. In Colorado, according to the Secretary of State’s website, the last day for the Secretary of State to compile the returns and order appropriate recounts of the 2020 General Election is Nov. 30.

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