On Sunday, Dec. 13, Brandi Nichole Aragon, 33, was arrested after striking an unattended vehicle and crashing into the front of Dollar Tree at 2012 Freedom Road in Trinidad following a physical altercation according to reports.

Aragon was arrested for assault in the third degree, harassment and stalking, crime of violation of a protection order, reckless endangerment, driving under restraint, failure to report an accident and failure to follow through with duty.

According to the arrest affidavit, Aragon was upset at another female who had been speaking to Aragon’s ex-husband. This escalated to Aragon striking the other female on her ear. Yet before doing so, Aragon forgot to put her vehicle in park, leading to its continued running, unaccompanied, into the front of Dollar Tree.

Witnesses said that Aragon then regained control of the vehicle and sped away.

After a short search, officers were able to locate the vehicle and Aragon at which time they observed she was likely under the influence of an alcoholic substance. TPD officers then took Aragon to detox followed by the Las Animas County jail.

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