The Kim Mustang ‘crowd’

The Kim Mustang ‘crowd’ during the 2021 season is comprised of videographers Brad Doherty (left) and Kandi Nittler (right).

On Saturday, Feb. 6. Las Animas County moved to ‘yellow’ on the updated COVID-19 dial, this change now allows spectators at sporting events within the county.

As of Feb. 8. Las Animas County had 48 active COVID-19 cases and 11 deaths.

The ‘yellow’ restrictions allow most settings to move to 50 percent capacity, which allows the presence of spectators at sporting events.

“Spectators must follow the indoor/outdoor events guidance that is permitted in their county’s jurisdiction. Spectators must always wear masks indoors. Spectators can be at 50 percent capacity with a cap of 100 spectators and 6-foot distancing between parties. Coaches, athletic trainers, referees and other essential safety personnel are not counted in the total capacity,” announced the district health department on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

“We are super pleased that families can now go watch our players and pray that by the time playoffs begin, we can have the full-gym, exciting playoff atmosphere,” said Lisa Doherty, the mother of Kim Mustang’s lone senior.

This comes as a relief to the parents of many seniors who would not be able to see their child’s final season of sports.

“It has been hard because my mom and grandparents haven’t gotten to go watch my games,” said Hoehne senior Brandt Walton. “I’m stoked for them because I know they missed watching basketball.”

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