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A recent 2020 study conducted by calculated the amount of money a specific person would pay in income, sales, property and fuel taxes in each county in Colorado, and ranked them lowest to highest in terms of tax burden. Back in April of this year, the same study was done and found Las Animas County to be ranked as the lowest tax burden in the state.

Now, Crowley ranks number one for lowest tax burden, Bent second, and Las Animas third. Furthermore, while Las Animas County ranked 278 in the nation back in April in regards to tax burden, the national ranking now for the county comes in at 153.

In the county, average sales tax came in at $509, property tax at $423, and fuel tax at $136, compared to previous estimates of $480 in sales tax, $403 in property tax and $259 in fuel tax posted in 2019.

The results used a median household income ($51,939 according to the US Census Bureau 2014) to figure the average income tax paid in counties throughout Colorado is $10,105, compared to $10,756 in 2019. It was assumed that an average 35 percent of take-home pay is spent on taxable goods. Median property value for Colorado was set at $365,000. Average fuel tax was based on miles driven per licensed drivers in registered vehicles.

According to the Tax Foundation, per capita income in Colorado in 1980 was $27,788 and total state and local taxes paid per capita were $2,691. In 2011, per capita income for Colorado residents was $42,473 and total taxes paid per capita were $4,217.

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