Trinidad Police Dept. arrest log

Back on January 27 of this year, TPD responded to a call of a robbery that had happened at Tony’s Diner on Main Street. At the time, officers were advised of an unknown suspect that had entered the business, pointed a gun at the owner, and struck him in the head demanding money. The unknown suspect then left with no money in hand.

After TPD detectives collected evidence left behind and with the assistance of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), they were able to receive an arrest warrant for Filbert Thomas Aragon. On July 20, Aragon was taken into custody for second degree assault, criminal attempt of aggravated robbery and menacing; all felony charges.

On July 19, TPD officers arrested Derrek Sandoval and Clayton Barajas for possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and unlawful carry of a concealed weapon among other charges after officers observed a truck on Johnson Avenue without any tags on it.

After deploying a K9 Hobbs, Hobbs immediately indicated the presence of narcotics leading to probable cause for a search. Following a search of the vehicle, officers found a loaded 9mm handgun with hollow point, armor piercing ammunition in the chamber, cat ear knuckles, similar to brass knuckles but intended to cause severe puncture wounds, 30mg pills of Oxycodone, numerous paraphernalia items identified to be used for methamphetamine, 19.7 grams total of crystalized rocks determined from past experience to be methamphetamine, and 14.6 grams total of heroin.

On July 17, TPD officers arrested Nicole Hernandez for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop of a vehicle that left a suspected drug house belonging to Chuck Lamorie.

After deploying K9 Hobbs for a free air sniff, Hobbs indicated that he had picked up the smell of an illegal controlled substance giving probable cause to search the vehicle. Upon searching the vehicle, officers found paraphernalia that they believed to be used for smoking methamphetamine and heroin along with 4 grams of crystal like rocks and shards believed to be methamphetamine.

On July 9, Trinidad Police Department arrested Eric Peete for theft after being caught stealing a 40 oz. can of beer from Safeway. Peete was arrested after making it difficult for officers by resisting on multiple accounts according to the report and furthermore was uncooperative when taken to detox, when transported to the county jail, and when taken back to Mount San Rafael Hospital for a self-inflicted head wound while in the officers car.

The report also stated that officers remained at the hospital until Peete was cared for and discharged. As for the disposition of the case, it was cleared by adult arrest.

On July 19, TPD officers arrested Natividad (Monico) Castellano on an active warrant with the Colorado State Patrol after a report of a drunken party causing problems at a residence on Smith Avenue.

Castellano’s sister said he had been drinking and began swinging his arms at her and yelling. After clearing detox, he was transported to Las Animas County Jail on the outstanding warrant alone.

On July 12, TPD officers arrested Kimberly Trujillo on an active warrant arrest for failure to appear with the Las Animas County Sheriff’s office after a report of a disturbance. The reporting party stated that Trujillo had been drinking and pulled her hair. After clearing detox, Trujillo was transported to the county jail on the warrant alone.

On July 16, TPD officers arrested Jason Tennent for contributing to the delinquency of a minor after a report of marijuana being provided to a juvenile party. After admitting to providing a vaping product to a minor, Tennent was transported to the county jail for the felony.

On July 18, TPD officers arrested Julian Vigil on two active warrants for failure to appear after a report of a male who was walking up and down Nevada Avenue cursing to himself. Officers identified the male as Vigil and after confirming warrants transported him to the county jail.

On July 19, TPD officers arrested Desiree Mooney on an active warrant after a report of a female party who had entered a home on West Topeka Street without permission. Mooney also appeared to be under the influence of narcotics according to police reports and after a search was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia used to consume methamphetamine.

On June 13, TPD officers arrested Shaun Chavez for driving with a revoked license, careless driving, and a DUI after a report of a hit and run accident on Aguilar Drive. After being located and stopped, Chavez agreed to provide a sample of his breath and his blood alcohol content (BAC) was found to be at .346. For comparison, an individual is considered “under the influence” if the BAC is .08 or more.

On June 18, TPD officers arrested James Fillwalk for theft and harassment after a report of harassment on State Street at the Alta gas station. After admitting to the reported theft and harassment, Fillwalk was taken to the county jail.

On June 30, TPD officers arrested Blaine Power for arson after a report that Power had to be chased off of a property on Baltimore. After seeing where a potential fire had been started, finding a can of fire starter accelerant in the front of the house, and witnesses saying they had seen the fire and had to run over with water from their house to put it out, officers determined Power had started a fire on the rear and west side of the house.

Las Animas County Sheriff’s Office blogger highlights

According to the Las Animas County Sheriff’s Office press reports, between June 26 and July 1, there were two calls regarding warrant arrests, two calls of reported burglary, one call of reported theft, one call of reported fire arson, three calls of reported harassment, and one call of a hate crime in Cokedale.

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