On Friday, May 29 at approximately 11:20 p.m. Trinidad Police Officers arrested Charlie Sandoval after he doused an officer with a liquid accelerant and attempted to ignite him. Also reported in the release, Sandoval struck the officer in the face.

TPD was dispatched after receiving a call of a possible fight around Valley and Grove and the reporting party said they could hear a male screaming and identified the individual as Sandoval.

When officers arrived, they observed Sandoval had his hands behind his back. When he was asked to show officers his hands, Sandoval produced a container full of what was, at the time, an unknown fluid with a rag attached to it along with a lighter. Motives as to why Sandoval had contrived a type of Molotov cocktail before officers arrived are as of yet unknown.

It was then that Sandoval sprayed the liquid on the officer, still with lighter in hand.

The officer was ultimately uninjured according to TPD Patrol Captain Dan DuRan, but some the officer’s equipment was compromised due to the fuel soaking in and replacing it isn’t cheap.

“His Kevlar vest and carrier along with his uniform were ruined,” said DuRan. “[The fuel] soaked in and messed with the Kevlar and he couldn’t get the fumes out. This is just an estimate but it will probably cost over $4500 to replace. Police work is not cheap.”

Sandoval was taken to Las Animas County Jail.

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