Jonathon Armijo was first contacted by investigators at the location of his second bombing, which maimed a man Monday in Trinidad.

Armijo, 27, was arrested after investigators from multiple law enforcement agencies linked him to two violent bombings that injured two men.  

Investigators first contacted Armijo at the scene of the bombing near Trinidad Apartments on North Avenue. They reportedly asked him if he saw anything, and he told officers his girlfriend called him over after the explosion occurred.

Police said they also identified Armijo after one officer spotted him disposing of trash at around the time of the explosion on Monday. Police looked through the trash and found several items like latex gloves and medical gauze, along with a receipt with Armijo’s name on it.

Police followed up on the receipt and tracked down the original purchase at Walmart. Agents learned that Armijo and a woman bought 15 CO2 cartridges, at least four wooden containers, and plastic weld on Feb. 6.

Investigators also figured that this case was very similar to another explosion incident at the same Walmart where the items were purchased.

According to the arrest affidavit, Ronald Garcia, a homeless man, was the first victim involved and he sustained serious injuries to his face on Feb. 5 at Walmart in Trinidad.

Garcia told officers he left his camper at about Noon on Friday and when he returned, he saw a small tan box sitting underneath the trailer near the steps. Garcia reportedly picked up the box to see what it was, saw a pink symbol on the top, and took it inside the trailer. Garcia told officers the box was hard to open, so he got a tool and forced it open. That’s when it exploded.

Then Trinidad Communications Center received reports around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning saying, “Trinidad Apartments, a box went off and there are severe injuries.”

When officers responded to the Trinidad Apartments near Rosita and North Avenue, they saw a man with severe injuries in the parking lot. That man was identified by Trinidad Police as Diego Hurtado.

Witnesses reportedly told officers Hurtado found a wooden box in the parking lot with a note on top saying “Sissy mom and dad’s rings! DO NOT LOSE! See you at the wedding!” Hurtado reportedly carried the wooden box through the parking lot and then opened it near the office of the complex, where it exploded.

Hurtado was taken to Mt. San Rafael Hospital and then transported to Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs with serious injuries.

About 12 hours after the explosion on Feb. 8, police arrested Armijo on a traffic violation and brought him in for questioning.

Concurrently, police carried out a search warrant of Armijo’s residence and questioned his girlfriend. Police said she admitted to writing one of the notes found on one of the bombs after Armijo asked her to.

Armijo, then in police custody, admitted to purchasing the bomb materials. He also admitted to building the devices and was able to draw reproductions of the explosives used at both Walmart and outside of Trinidad Apartments, according to the arrest affidavit.

Yet Armijo also claimed he never used the explosive devices, only admitting that he built them and gave them to people he knows. He said he knew the first victim because he sold him a guitar that he was never paid for.

Meanwhile, Armijo was out on bail awaiting trial for a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals that occurred about a year ago. Several dead animals were found in his yard and it appears he was rigging “booby traps” to kill or wound animals.

Armijo is facing two charges of attempted first-degree murder along with two charges of possession of explosives. Additional charges of burglary and theft have also been added because Armijo is also suspected of burglarizing his father.

Armijo is being held with a bail of $550,000.

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