Trinidad Police Department arrested another suspect in relation to the bombings that occurred in Trinidad between Friday, February 5 and Monday, February 8.

Officers arrested Leah Marie Armijo, age 28, in the 300 block of East Strong Ave. Thursday, April 8, on outstanding warrants, over two months after the alleged bombings.

Armijo is connected to Jonathon Armijo who was arrested in February and charged with two charges of attempted first-degree murder.

Leah Marie Armijo, meanwhile, was charged with assault in the first degree, conspiracy to commit assault in the first degree, possession or use of an explosive or incendiary device and conspiracy to commit possession of or use of an explosive or incendiary device.

During an investigation, investigators found evidence the couple allegedly purchased a 15-count pack of CO2 cartridges, at least four wooden containers and plastic weld; all of these are either similar or the same components of the device used in the explosion, according to an affidavit. ATF agents matched receipts from the transaction to Walmart video surveillance camera footage showing the pair on the recording.

While investigators spoke with Jonathan Armijo at the Trinidad Police Department, TPD Sgt. Detective Jennifer Lay executed a search warrant at 309 East North Avenue where Leah Armijo was found with her two-year-old son. According to police she was “extremely nervous speaking with officers and (Lay) observed her hands shaking.” She claimed she knew Jonathan enjoyed building things but did not know about the explosives.

She also told investigators she didn’t write the note found on the box which read “Sissy Mom + Dad’s rings! DO NOT LOSE! See you at the wedding!” She recanted that claim moments later saying that Jonathan had asked her to write the note, according to an affidavit.

TPD received a download of Jonathan Armijo’s cell phone March 5, which included text messages from a number associated with Leah Armijo and photos of her allegedly engaging in illegal drug usage using a “glass bulb style pipe”

The texts (from January 30, 2021) mentioned in the affidavit includes Leah allegedly asking Jonathan what he had been up to and where he had been and that she knew he was always either having sexual relations with someone else or killing someone or something (Jonathan has a history of animal cruelty).

TPD also interrogated Joseph Romero at the Las Animas County Jail on Friday, March 26. Romero claimed he did not build nor place the explosive devices. Investigators told Romero that the information he had told ATF agents about his whereabouts with Jonathan were “true and accurate” (Trinidad city cameras show Romero and Jonathan driving around Trinidad together).

He was also asked about his relationship with Leah Armijo.

Romero told law enforcement he would sometimes shower at the Armijo house and that he gave her a Himalayan salt lamp but that he hadn’t tampered with it. He also denied asking Leah to write a note for him.

Romero told law officials that while Jonathon Armijo and himself were driving around Romero picked up a wooden box before Armijo told him not to open it because “it’s a work of art.”

Leah Armijo posted a $45,000 cash or surety bond the day she was arrested. She is scheduled for an appearance on bond at the Las Animas County Courthouse in person Thursday, April 29 at 1:30 p.m. 

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