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Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter nurses and staff members are currently caring for Noodles, who was found on August 31 barely alive at a residence within the Cawthon Trailer Park in Trinidad. The owner, Robert Lee Neatherlin, has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

On August 31, Trinidad Police officers were called to the Cawthon Trailer Park in reference to animal cruelty. On September 4, a warrant for two counts of Animal Cruelty was issued for Robert Lee Neatherlin. He was taken into custody on September 9. These are charges only and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

According to a press release from TPD, “officers were advised that two dogs were left in a trailer unattended for several days with the larger of the two animals breaking a window and escaping the trailer but that there was still a small dog in the trailer.”

The dog that had escaped the trailer was taken into the reporting party’s care, however Officers reported hearing whimpering coming from inside the trailer.

When officers entered the trailer, the release stated they, “discovered a very small dog under a suitcase that was described by officers as lifeless.”    

That dog was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic to be cared for while the larger dog was taken to Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter.   

“Officers were later advise the smaller dog was extremely malnourished, dehydrated and had endured injury above both eyes,” the release said. “Additionally, the dog had other internal injuries suffering from a brain hemorrhage and may have sustained nerve damage.  It should be noted that the dog had no injuries consistent with being attacked by another animal.”

One dog is still receiving extensive medical treatment and is being cared for by

Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter staff and volunteers.

Noah’s Ark staff said as of Monday, September 14 Noodles, as she was renamed, was being very well taken care of by a foster and Noah’s Ark staff, having sustained several neurological problems. Currently they aren’t certain as to how much she will be able to recover, but added that because she is still quite young that the chances were higher that she would.

If you would like to assist in Noddle’s recovery please contact Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter at 719-680-2385 or donate directly at  

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