A Trinidad man, 65-year-old James M. Trujillo, was struck and killed Monday morning on southbound Interstate 25 near milepost 7 south of Trinidad.

The Colorado State Patrol said Trujillo was outside his vehicle when he was struck and killed by a car driven by 47-year-old Kevin Williams of Johnstown, Colorado, who was traveling southbound at around 10:20 a.m.

Trujillo was pronounced dead at the scene. Williams was uninjured.

Colorado State Patrol Sargent Tonya Billinger said, “Mr. Trujillo did have a disabled vehicle with a flat tire. He was out of his vehicle working on the flat tire. Mr. Trujillo’s vehicle was disabled partially in the lane of traffic. The shoulders are only about six and a half feet wide up there with the guard rail.”

It isn’t clear yet if anyone will face charges.  

“We have to do the mechanical inspection on both vehicles again and interview the driver and witnesses and then make the determination off that,” said Billinger. “It’s kind of a complicated crash so we don’t want to jump to any conclusions and make sure that it’s fully investigated. We’re not saying who’s at fault at this time.”

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