On March 7, Travis Visage was arrested for disorderly conduct after he was found yelling obscenities around the 400 block of East Main Street, near Cooke Motor. It was also observed in the report that Visage had most likely been drinking and after being detained, Visage kicked one officer in the stomach and caused approximately $1000 worth of damage to the officer’s patrol vehicle after banging his head on the vehicle and repeatedly kicking the back door while inside.

On March 6, officers arrested Richard Espinoza for outstanding warrants with Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office in regards to failing to appear in court for felony charges, one for weapon possession, the other for aggravated motor vehicle theft. Additionally, Espinoza had been apprehended after driving a vehicle he had stolen from the Western Apartments parking lot. The vehicle was returned to the owner. Charges of aggravated motor vehicle theft and driving with a revoked license were added.

On March 15, officers responded to a call from McDonald’s that a customer, later identified as Tanya Salazar, had tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill. Upon locating Salazar and running her identification, it was found that she had an outstanding warrant for failure to comply with an original charge of a theft of $300. Salazar was taken into custody on the outstanding warrant. McDonald’s also stated they wanted Salazar trespassed.

Joseph Hawk was arrested on March 17, for an outstanding warrant out of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. The arrest was made with no significant incidents to report.

On March 19, Nathaniel Woodring was arrested for violating a protection order and placed at Las Animas County Jail.

While most weeks, the Trinidad Police Department releases an average of approximately 10 arrests reports a week on the Trinidad website, over the course of March 16 to 24 there were three arrests reported on the city’s arrest reports page.

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