On July 1, TPD arrested Robert Morales for unlawful possession and distribution of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to use a turn signal, and displaying fictitious vehicle plates after officers witnessed a vehicle in front of a suspected drug sales house with fictitious plates failed to use a turn signal on the 1600 block of Pinon Street.

After pulling Morales over, officers observed a female in the vehicle, Andrea Sanchez. They then asked him why he was at a suspected drug house. Morales stated he had to pay a Mr. Jared Sanchez for firewood. A background check came back with a warrant out of Las Animas County for failure to comply after which officers placed Morales into custody.

Once in custody, officers searched the vehicle and found numerous butane torches and other paraphernalia indicative of methamphetamine and heroin use. They also found a container with black tar like rock and shards in it and clear glass rocks and shards suspected to be heroin and methamphetamine, another container with glass like rock and shards, a third container containing black tar like shards, and many glass pipes and broken pieces with black tar like substances burnt on them.

Andrea Sanchez admitted that she received four bags of new insulin needles used for heroin use from Jared Sanchez’ home, where her vehicle was still parked at the time. She also stated that Morales “always supplies her with her drugs,” the police report stated.

In total, officers weighed out 8.5 grams of black tar like rocks from one container, 4.6 grams of black tar like rocks and shards as well as clear glass like rocks and shards in the second container, and 5.4 grams of clear glass like rocks and shards in the third container.

On June 29, TPD arrested Christopher Sanchez for unlawful possession of a controlled substance, driving a vehicle when license was under restraint, and failure to use a turn signal after observing Sanchez fail to signal when turning.

In the report, officers stated they witnessed Sanchez, “leaving a known drug sales house without using their turn signal.”

After pulling over Sanchez, officers observed a female, Kaylee Quintana, sitting in the passenger seat and both parties were evasive to questioning. This lead to a K9 search, which indicated the presence of an illegal controlled substance.

Following a search, officers found numerous bags that Quintana admitted were hers. She also admitted that she had “a lot of drug paraphernalia in her bags,” according to the report. Also found was 1.9 grams of black tar like rocks, a syringe full of a black tar like liquid, and “numerous drug paraphernalia items,” in the vehicle.

Sanchez was taken into custody and with no further information or listed arrest, Quintana was released without charge.

On June 24, TPD arrested Travis Esquibel for violating a protection order. Esquibel had gone over to his ex-girlfriend’s who, along with her daughter, had an active protection order against Esquibel due to past domestic violence issues.

After further investigation, Esquibel’s ex-girlfriend, who was a party on the protection order along with her daughter, admitted to calling and asking Esquibel to come over in the first place. She then lied to the police stating that he was not in her house, but officers heard her daughter tell her to stop lying and stated that Esquibel was in fact in the house.

Due to this, officers stated that they would be contacting the Housing Department and that she may lose housing and could have faced charges for hiding Esquibel if he was a wanted person.

On June 26, Trinidad Police arrested Angelo Lucero for second-degree assault after reports of a man that walked into the Shell gas station on Goddard Avenue with blood all over his face on June 12. The injured individual said that Lucero had thrown a rock at him, which resulted in serious bodily injury.

Officers were able to locate Lucero who admitted to having used methamphetamines and heroin a few hours prior to the arrest.

On June 22, TPD arrested Billy Bachicha for three separate counts of third degree assault after a report of a disturbance involving a work crew at a residence on West Third Street. According to Bachicha as written in the arrest report, the work crew was being too loud which led him to hit one of the workers before striking another worker on the left ear, drawing blood and then proceeded to strike several more times until another work crew nearby intervened.

When a third worker attempted to pull Bachicha away to protect the second worker, Bachicha then turned his strikes to the third worker, striking him in the face and throwing punches until the worker could get away.

On June 26, TPD arrested Regina Torres for driving under the influence (DUI) after reports of a driver under the influence of alcohol. Torres’ daughter said her mother was driving away from her residence, hitting the house with her truck and also said she believed she was going to the liquor store.

Officers were able to make contact with Torres at Main Street Liquor. After asking to see her license and instead being handed a broken piece of a red debit card. She then attempted several times to give officers the broken red debit card believing it was her identification.

After agreeing to submit to voluntary roadside maneuvers, and being unable to successfully complete them, Torres was taken into custody and transported to Mount San Rafael for detox followed by the Las Animas County Detention Center.

On June 24, TPD arrested Travis Visage for second-degree assault and criminal mischief after a report of a slashed tire on June 5.

On June 18, TPD arrested Jesse Ortiz for possession of a weapon by a previous offender after receiving follow up information regarding a shooting that occurred on the corner of Alta and Robinson. After inspecting the gun, the serial number returned no record for the weapon. Ortiz was transported to jail without incident according to the arrest report.

On June 19, TPD arrested Stephen (Nicholas) Petrone for second-degree assault, false imprisonment, and domestic assault after a report of domestic violence. According to police reports, photo evidence was filed of the victim who had been choked, had her left arm cut with a knife, and bruises on her back where Petrone had pinned her to the floor under his knee.

On June 23, TPD arrested Ronald Padilla for an outstanding warrant on a report of a possible domestic call. Upon arrival, Padilla and a female stated their argument had only been verbal but following a check, Padilla had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear out of TPD.

On June 26, TPD arrested Jeremiah Lucero on an outstanding warrant after a report of a theft in progress at Walmart in Trinidad. After admitting to attempted theft, officers ran a background check and found that Lucero had a warrant for failure to comply. Walmart said they did not wish to pursue charges for the theft and completed their paperwork to include a trespass warning.

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