Over the weekend, flames ripped through two houses off of Alta Street in Trinidad on Sunday, June 7. Additionally, 35 acres burned near Vermejo Park Ranch on the state’s border into New Mexico, launching a team effort between the two states to get it out amid high winds and red-flag conditions.

In Trinidad, the Trinidad, Hoehne, and Fishers Peak Fire Departments responded to a report of a shed that had caught fire on Alta Street around noon on Sunday and when firefighters arrived, high winds had spread the flames to two nearby houses.

“There was a wooden shed that was located between the two houses,” said Trinidad Fire Department Chief Tim Howard. “The fire started in the shed itself and caused both houses to catch fire at the same time.”

Responding firefighters worked diligently to put the fire out and by 4:30 p.m., Chief Howard said they had extinguished the scene. Because of the strong winds, he added that getting the fire out fast was his biggest concern.

“That’s why we called out all the extra help we could,” said Howard. “It’s better to have too many guys there and not need them, than not have enough guys there and then need them.”

There were no injuries reported and the amount of damage is not known at this time.

The Raton Fire Department, with assistance from Stonewall Fire Department, responded to the wildfire being called the Sheep Spring Fire near Vermejo Park Ranch that burned swiftly through 35 acres. As of Monday morning, firefighters had gained control of 30 of the 35 acres and expected to have the fire 100 percent under control by the end of the day.

With dry weather, high winds, and warm temperatures the National Weather Service has fairly consistently issued red-flag warnings for much of the region, with more ahead in the forecast. Las Animas County remains under a stage one fire ban that bans open fires, other than controlled and constantly monitored fires in permanent fire rings with covering grates located at a campground or picnic ground on public property.

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