When I was in college as a wide-eyed artsy Theater major, I met a young man just finishing law school named Mark Rudis. We liked to philosophize, debate, argue about every issue under the sun. One day as I was exclaiming the merits of some punk band I loved that he thought was “boring” he said this... To paraphrase:

“There is no accounting for differences in individual taste in the arts. Art in general, is simply psychotherapy for the person consuming it, medicine if you will. And depending on one’s state of mind and life experiences, a specific work of art, music, film, paintings, etc., might be the exact medicine that one person needs at that time and place in their life. And conversely, for another person that same ‘art’ might be useless, boring or even offensive. So, taste in the arts isn’t based on some innate quality of the work of art in question, it is based on the psychological needs and state of mind of the consumer.”

I’ve lost touch with Mark. If anybody sees him, say “Hi” from Chip.

Chip Shirley


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