Dear Editor,

Prop CC will permanently repeal the (Tax Payer Bill of Rights) TABOR. The Tax Payer Bill of Rights puts limits on revenue surpluses and mandates the State return any money to Colorado citizens collected above the budget. Supporters of CC say the surplus funds would be spent on higher education, public schools, and roads, areas that we would all like to see improvements. But that’s where the deception lies. Is this just a ploy to buy votes? KC Becker Democratic Speaker Of The House admitted during a committee hearing earlier this year, that there is no guarantee as to where Prop CC’s money will go in the future. The Democrats tool of deception is aimed to persuade compassionate citizens to hand them over a blank check so they can spend at will, all while you forfeit your right to vote on taxes, debt, and excess spending increases.

Why should you vote no on CC???

It’s a Tax Increase anytime the government keeps more of your money.

CC aims to backfill lost revenue as a result of anti-oil and gas laws passed by a Democratic led legislature.

The State Govt refuses to prioritize Coloradans’ needs. Let’s use education for example: Despite a 20 percent increase in education spending since 1990 teacher pay is down 20 percent.

The same Democratic legislature that just blew through $32 billion dollars in the last session, is asking you to vote away your right to keep them in check and not give them free reign in your wallet. Now the bill for what they have promised and passed is coming due and they need the money to pay for it.

How are they going to get the money?... By keeping your TABOR refunds FOREVER!

Vote No on Prop CC!

Every family in Colorado lives within a budget, so should the state of Colorado!

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