Dear Editor,

Those who want to “hurry up” and get back to business as usual, don’t get it yet. Coronavirus is here to stop “business as usual” and end this screw-ball-way-of-life that our left-brain mind has coveted so dearly. But those who have a conscience welcome this coming change. But “left brain” will fight to the death because it has no “right brain” to give the “host” checks and balances. The host can only survive Corona with two hemispheres.

What is being said here — you cannot hold on to the past. The old way of life cannot survive without checks and balances. One hemisphere, alone, will only contaminate its future leadership. It now must have checks and balances to participate. But not show the way alone! Otherwise, it will be no more. This is a dimensional shift and coronavirus is saving the planet!

Our founding fathers gave us the knowledge and time in the constitution to make this adjustment in this moment.

Tom Worbetz

Raton, NM

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