Dear Editor,

Las Animas County Health Department has published the Governors Safer at home order and is enforcing it until further notice. It includes: “Anyone whose primary residence is outside the county should not travel to or stay in Las Animas County…”

“ Gatherings: ...Avoid contact with individuals other than those in your household... all events and gatherings of ten (10) or more people are PROHIBITED until further notice...”

So I am confused, we have on our sidewalks people not only from out of the county, but out of state in gatherings of up to 20 or more without masks or distancing and no enforcement.  

Am I missing something here or are there two sets of rules?  

We have been lucky so far but the predictions are dire, up to 3,000 deaths per day in the near future. How many of us must die here in Trinidad for the sake of money, so the city will not be sued because the council can’t figure a way to protect the people who rely on them for good governance?

From one of the “at risk.”

Wayne Pritchard


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