Dear Editor,

It’s that time of year again and once more I find myself in a twit over the condition of the Masonic Cemetery.

I am 71-plus years old and have been going to this cemetery since I was in utero. In earlier years this cemetery was beautiful, well kept and a wonderful place to visit.

I remember my family ordering big beautiful wooden boxes of flowers to set at the gravesite. My children were also a familiar sight there. They loved

to run around while the adults visited. I now take the grandkids and show them around and tell them our family history.

This year when Brett, my grandson, and I went there to put flowers on the grave I was deeply saddened by no grass on my family plot. Some years back they put in a new sprinkling system and the Dale plot was the first site to have it installed. Before too long, most of the cemetery had a sprinkler system set up pretty much all over.

Where is it today? I know this was

some years back, but with proper maintenance this should still be running.

I don’t think the grass will come back. I would like to know what are they doing about this? Is someone hired to take care of it? If so, I believe you need to find someone else who will not take the Masonic Cemetery in Trinidad, Colorado for a roll.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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