Dear Editor,

There is nothing to prevent anyone from celebrating Independence Day, nor are we barred from practicing our faith, or purchasing a pair of shoes.

We should not look on this tragic series of events as forced conformity, but a necessary act of solidarity. Limiting our activity can stop a seemingly healthy population from infecting others if they are asymptomatic.

The pandemic will eventually end and then we can stop doing so much risk mitigation. (It is already happening) But for now, we really depend on the trust, kindness and responsibility of others to protect everyone’s well being. That is part of being an American and something to celebrate on Independence Day.

So far there have been only four cases of the virus in Las Animas County. I, for one, would be unhappy to see 40 or 400 cases due to the

negligence my not wearing a mask or keeping my distance.

We need to stay at home not so much for ourselves, but for others. Community effort is the only way of managing the virus for now. It is a small thing to ask for the greater good.

The references to “spirit of revolution” and “continuing the fight for freedom” seem rather incendiary. We are asked to wear seat belts, to not drink and drive, and stop at red lights — all for the greater good.

Most of us comply and do not shout about losing our freedom. If anyone reading this feels they are not free, I invite them to study the repressive regimes of North Korea, China and Syria, for examples of what lack of freedom is really like.

Meanwhile, I am planning to celebrate all of our holidays as a free American.

Marilyn Trevor


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