Dear Editor,

Due to the recent criticism in recent letters to the editor I feel it necessary to present some facts.

Here is a recap of the January Jobs Report:

— Last week’s strong jobs report showed 225,000 jobs were added in January, surging past expectations.

— This includes 44,000 construction jobs and 28,000 transportation and warehousing jobs.

— Since the President was elected, 7.1 million jobs have been created.

— Workers are coming off the sidelines and reentering the labor force.

— In January, the unemployment rate remained at a near generational low of 3.6 percent.

— January marked the 23rd consecutive month that the unemployment rate has been at or below 4 percent.

All Americans continue to thrive in the Trump economy:

— African American unemployment remained at a near record low of 6 percent.

— The Hispanic American unemployment rate remained at a near record low of 4.3 percent.

— The Asian American unemployment rate was at 3 percent.

— The unemployment rate for women remained at near generational lows of 3.5 percent.

— Wage growth once again reached 3 percent. For 23 consecutive months, wage growth has been near or above 3 percent.

President Trump is undoubtedly delivering on his promises to revitalize the American economy!

The 2020 Democrats are not talking about the robust economy because they cannot deny “Our” success and the proposals that the 2020 Democrats are offering would halt the greatest American comeback orchestrated under President Donald J. Trump.


Ty Winter

Las Animas County Republican Chairman

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