Dear Editor,

I look forward to reading “Running with Ruth” by Ruth Stodghill. She writes well, is funny, and gives a view into a world I will never enter.  

Her articles during the virus are a great getaway. From stealing bacon from campers at Trinidad Lake to trying to run down a dirt road in sneakers, she brings us into her world.  She is the type of teacher I would like my children to have. Thanks for printing her stories.

Also Shelly Simmons’ articles on weeds are better than the brochures that are boring and uninformative. I have had Myrtle Spurge in my yard for 20 years and finally found the name for it. The only thing she didn’t say is how pretty it is in the spring, before anything else is blooming, its yellow blossoms are there. And yes, every year I pull it up before it seeds and yet, the next year, there it is again, in all its glory. It’s as tenacious as bindweed.

Thanks for printing both of authors.


Babs McKnight


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