Dear Editor,

I have a daughter in the Springs who is a COVID ICU nurse. Every day she sees people and their families suffer from this disease. She and her mates work those 12-hour shifts, which are normally exhausting and now even more psychologically draining. On top of this difficult job, obtaining the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) was not always easy for them and even now they aren’t guaranteed a new unit each day. But amidst all this, these public servants do their best for every patient that comes their way. They understand and adhere to strict standards of procedure that keep patients and staff as safe as possible.

So in light of their sacrifices, what is our job as the general public? At this point, we know that staying at home, social distancing, good hygiene and the consistent use of PPE has a huge effect on the spread and containment of this virus as seen in the data on new cases of the disease, not just from our state but worldwide. So shouldn’t it be concerning when we see people without masks in public areas like grocery stores? How much sense does it make for any of us to not wear a mask in public? Is it a general flippancy toward this disease, a false show of liberty or even worse — an indifference toward the safety of other people?

Many in the past have made far greater sacrifices than suffering the use of a face mask. Wearing one now will be your statement that you care about those around you, especially those nurses and those at increased risk from the disease.

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