To the City of Trinidad,

We have a problem in Trinidad. The Space to Create building is ready and the place looks great! Thank you, but nobody is moving in. No moving trucks with art supplies from artists moving in, no art on the walls in the commons area.

Why you might ask? Because nobody is within the financial specifications mandated by the management company that was hired. Either you make a dime too much, or a dime not enough and you are removed from the potential renters list. For people like me, I fall right at $25,000 per year. The management company added an extra $7,000, because they think I will be making more income in the future.

WHAT? I didn’t know they were speculators of my income.

They project me to make too much, so therefore I don’t qualify!  What?

I have a seasonal job in the summer that is full time, but during the school year it is a part time position. I earn the minimum wage of $12 per hour and there are three weeks off during the year that are not paid. I get Social Security for $640 per month until I have an income of $18,200 then it goes down until I make over $26,500. Then it stops completely. I have extra income of oil rights that paid me around $700 per year, maybe as high as $1,500 a year if the oil goes back up to $70 a barrel. So far it’s been $300 for this year. It is way down from last year. Then if I’m lucky, I might earn another $1,000 per year from my photography. So I range from $22,000.00 to $27,000.00 in a real good year.  

That should be perfect, but not (according to the management company), who adds the full time job at 40 hours a week with no time off, does not include closed days, holidays and no sick days.  

So, to incorrectly assume I work a perfect 40 hours a week for the whole year is completely incorrect and not going to happen! And then (they do) not know that the Social Security goes down as you make more income, until you get nothing from them, because you make too much. I earn approximately $22,000.

They do not get it.

Please look into this problem that we have with getting Space to Create occupied with artists. I would hate to see it as an empty eyesore with bare walls. I am not the only one that has had this problem. Many have been turned down because they were $10 over/under the limits, or the management company added more or took some off to keep the place vacant.

Please help if you can.  The building looks great, but nobody is in it.


Brad Kirby

Brad Kirby Photography / Trinidad

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