Dear Editor,


For a third time in as many years, we are faced with a bill HB20-1031, in the state legislature, to eliminate Columbus Day in Colorado with a replacement day. Once again this is a slap in the face to all those of Italian descent. A little history on how this movement occurs maybe in order. Howard Zinn wrote “A People’s History of the United States.”   

A self described “anarchist,” Zinn’s highly selective quotations from Columbus’s log are designed to give the impression that Columbus had no concern for the Indians’ spiritual or physical well-being — that the explorer was motivated only by a “frenzy for money.” His writings give the impression that America is and always has been an evil exploitive country. “The American Scholar” by Oscar Handlin gave a blistering review of this book as non-factual of history as well as many other academia sources.                    

This book has sold several million copies and has been the textbook of choice for both high school and college level teachings. The only problem with this is that the facts have been distorted by a liberal college professor author who interprets this in a way in which in reality does not depict the truth in which educators bought into — it’s only a warped view of someone who cares little for his country through his own perception.

If indeed Mr. Zinn’s hatred of America and little or no respect for humanity resulted in the tone of this book, which again the schools taught, it is no wonder that this perception of history exists. Zinn died in 1980 and was a professor at Boston University.     

The Americans with Italian descent have contributed much to this country and there is no logical reason to abolish this celebration of Columbus. A person cannot change history, I will be opposing this bill if it gets to the senate and hopefully the entire delegation from southern Colorado will do the same.

Senator Larry Crowder


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