Dear Editor,

To mask or unmask: that is the question all of us now face (pardon the pun). After Colorado Governor Jared Polis issued his order July 16 for all Colorado residents cover up while they’re out and about in public places.

Most Trinidad area shops, stores and restaurants are now requiring masks in order to gain entrance into their establishments. Once inside a restaurant, however, you will have to remove your mask to eat or drink, so how is that going to stop the spread of Coronavirus?

The Governor’s order has only succeeded in opening up a huge can of worms that will crawl into every aspect of our lives and ask more questions than it answers.

1) Does our governor have the power and legal authority to mandate such a decree?

2) How is local law enforcement going to enforce such a mandate, especially if it is illegal because it’s not a law passed by our state legislature?

3) Do local merchants have the right to expel & remove customers who ditch their masks once inside their establishment?

4) What parts of our heads or face should be covered by our masks? On the first day of the decree I wore my mask covering only my chin or on top of my head since I was having difficulty breathing.

So, here’s where the worms are going to be crawling around.

Those of us who choose not to wear a mask outside will be trying to sneak around unobserved by a police officer so as not to be detected.

If we are spotted, do we run away from the officer or do we “face” a possible fine or warning?

If we don’t pay the fine, are we then thrown in jail? What “law” did we break? Our jails could get overcrowded in a big hurry and how much bail would we have to pay to get out of jail? The court dockets would be jammed to the rafters!

Lawsuits against the city and state would also start piling up and any reputable attorney gains a big settlement, I think, because no “law” was actually broken, only some figment of our governor’s imagination that he is “above the law.”

The bottom line to all of this is, if you’re sneezing and or coughing, stay home! Until Trinidad and Las Animas County officially records our first coronavirus death, what are we so worried about? I can hardly recognize anyone anymore who is wearing a mask.

Governor Polis must think he is the Lone Ranger dispensing justice and law and order wherever he goes and whatever he says. But all of us “Tontos” out here think he is full of hot air blowing out smoke signals that aren’t hazardous to our health!

Respectfully signed,

Michael Garrett / Trinidad

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