Dear Editor,

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of serving the community of Trinidad for the past six years. Now it is time for me to pursue new challenges and new opportunities, and for the library to thrive under new leadership.  

In the time that I’ve worked at the library, we’ve been able to expand our offerings immensely. We’ve established new programs for children, a new video streaming service and e-resources, free legal assistance for adults, preserved and made accessible local history, and much more. The growth and progress that the Carnegie Public Library has made are among many things that I can feel proud of as I depart.

I’d like to thank all those around me who have made the library’s success possible. First and foremost, thank you to the wonderful staff at the library who supported my ideas and who work hard every day to uphold public library values. Thanks to the Friends of the Library and Library Foundation who have financially supported the library’s endeavors, and the members of those organizations who volunteer their time. Thanks to my friends who were the first to attend library programs, and who supported me professionally as well as personally. Thank you to all the patrons and users of the library and its services, without whom there would be no library at all.  

With gratitude to the community,

Mallory Pillard

Director Trinidad

Carnegie Public Library

Reader says get out of the house and have some fun for a good cause

Dear Editor,

My name is Lloyd Rosecrans and with my good friend H.L. Bowman, we have started a small group of avid 4 wheelers who enjoy driving on challenging roads. One road that is a favorite is Co. Rd. 85.5 in Las Animas County. The road is very rough, rock and dirt, one lane and only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The county does very little to maintain the road and is quite an adventure even for 4 wheel drive. Traveling from east of Trinidad, the road climbs a steep wooded valley to the border with New Mexico. The road then continues down a grass covered valley and ends up in Sugarite Park in New Mexico.

As a group, we are all animal lovers and the pandemic has really hurt the local animal shelters. We decided last June that we should hold a rally and donate the money raised to the two shelters. We asked for a $20 donation for each vehicle. Last July 5 we held a rally to raise money for both Noah’s Ark and the Raton Animal Shelter. We managed, with very little advertising, to raise $200 for the shelters. We are proud to state that 100 percent of all donations go to the shelters. The route we took was from Trinidad to Raton. We are planning on holding this rally twice a year. We plan to hold the rally around the Fourth of July, traveling north to south and around Labor Day, traveling south to north.      

On September 5, 2020, at 8 a.m. we will begin to assemble at the old Kmart parking lot in Raton, N.M. The Group will begin leaving for Sugarite Canyon at 9 a.m. We of course follow all masking and distance requirements.

We all want to get out of the house and have some safe family fun. This is a very beautiful drive and you will see very rarely seen parts of both Colorado and New Mexico. Basically, you are driving behind Fishers Peak. This is a county road and as such we can not charge anyone to travel on it. However, we request a $20 donation per vehicle for the animal shelters. A map of the route will be provided at the start of the rally.

This is a 4-wheel drive road only.

Lloyd Rosecrans


Can the USPS handle voting?

Dear Editor,

This note is to the people who may be afraid that our US postal service is not up to delivering ballots accurately and efficiently for our upcoming election. There are many stories of inefficiency concerning the US Postal Service, but there are also many stories of inefficiency concerning everything in government. Remember the Iraq war that we fought by accident because the Intel wasn’t right?

And before you say, ‘Right, well, government is just bad so let’s get rid of it all’... look back at the 2008 financial crisis when all the BANKS and Investment Firms that were UN-regulated by the government under Ronald Reagan, Bush Sr. and Democrat Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, CRASHED our economy. When people lost their jobs and wanted to sell their houses, as it turned out, the giant unregulated corporate capitalist financial firms had priced the houses waaaay too high. And therefore the bank loans/mortgages too high and no one would buy them at that price so everything crashed. Unregulated capitalism is even more inefficient than government bureaucracy at its worst.

And please don’t think that the USPS postal service is easier to corrupt than our normal voting system. When you have a ballot in the mail it is as easy to analyze for accuracy and fraud as is a $1 bill. It’s a perfect PAPER TRAIL! It’s MUCH easier to corrupt giant voting systems in computers (on the Internet) with electronic voting done at voting precinct stations, than it is by mail.

So the fact of the matter is the world is a messy place and we always have had to find a way to just deal with this mess and move forward as best we can. Mail voting is our best option.

PS: These are FACTS that you LITERALLY will NOT hear from Hannity and Limbaugh.

Chip Shirley

Trinidad Colorado

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