Reader says recent Republican ads are inaccurate

Dear Editor,

We are good citizens of the United States. We love, honor and respect our country, our democracy, our flag, our constitution, our diversity, and our neighbors. Why the ads placed in the Trinidad Chronicle-News and the World Journal, by Republicans and Jerry Peters, Registered Agent (whoever he is???), accuse Democrats of burning the flag, killing babies, stealing peoples guns away, and hating police, etc., is beyond ludicrous and is totally inaccurate.  Seems to us that these ads, just like much of what President Trump says, need to be FACT-CHECKED.

The fear mongering and inaccurate information that the Republican Party are using to campaign, do not address what THEY will do if elected, but simply brow beat the opposition.

The negative, nasty, false words and behaviors of some Republicans, from the President down, have created a division in our country, leaving people feeling fearful, and concerned about the future. This is undermining the soul of our Democracy!

As readers of these newspapers view these ads, we advise that you seek further and reliable information, and make an intelligent and informed decision about whom you vote for in the upcoming election. Do not allow sensationalism or false information to guide you. Think long and hard as to how much you value and desire our Democracy, verses continued Trump and croonies leadership, moving our country further towards a monarchy type dictatorship.

Melissa Bonacquista

Richard Bonacquista


Is GOP capable of telling truth?

Dear Editor:

I feel I must respond point-by-point to the ugly and outrageous lies the Las Animas County Republican Party has published in The Chronicle.  

Democrats are NOT ok with riots and looting; however, protesting is an American right.  

Democrats are NOT okay with abortions at birth. That is infanticide and it is ILLEGAL!

Democrats are NOT okay with eliminating the police; however, they are for making sure the police have access to resources so that we have better outcomes. I would think the police would welcome the help.

Democrats are NOT okay with free healthcare for non-citizens, though some do believe healthcare is a human right and should be extended to all Americans, especially in a pandemic, which has killed over 200,000 of our countrymen.

Democrats are NOT okay with burning the flag.  The flag is a symbol of the country we all love.  

As an Independent, I can only assume the ad was meant to fearmonger and make me vote for the Republicans. It has had the complete opposite effect. I am mad as hell at the lies, and I will NOT vote Republican. The ad has simply further solidified the division promoted by Trump, and confirmed my opinion that the GOP is incapable of telling the truth.  

Susan Clark


Neighbor says Carlos Lopez will make outstanding senator

Dear Editor,

I write this letter in support of Carlos Lopez who is running for the Colorado State Senate. Mr. Lopez is my neighbor. I know him to be an honorable man of moderate political views and the willingness to follow through on initiatives in which he believes. Better funding for education and rural health care facilities; and more resources for community colleges building innovative trade programs are just a few of his interests.

I have no doubt he will make an outstanding senator for the State of Colorado.


Marilyn McGuire


Proposition 116: An equal tax cut for all taxpayers

Dear Editor,

The beauty of Proposition 116 lies in its simplicity: It will decrease taxes for ALL Colorado taxpayers. Period.

That’s why shortly after the measure got approval for the November ballot, Governor Jared Polis supported it, saying, “We’ve long sought an income tax decrease [and] particularly in this challenging time, I think Coloradans certainly need tax relief.”

He’s right, and there are countless reasons why now is the time for a modest 0.08% cut in the state’s income tax rate.

I introduced legislation in the last two legislative sessions to decrease the income tax rate. Unfortunately, the bills never made it through the legislature.  

That’s why I, together with Independence Institute President Jon Caldara, proposed a ballot initiative earlier this year to reduce the income tax from the current rate of 4.63 percent to a new rate of 4.55 percent. That initiative will be on the November ballot as Proposition 116, and it will give voters the power to do for themselves what I tried to accomplish for them legislatively.

Outside analysis by the non-partisan Common Sense Institute finds that this tax cut will expand the state’s economy and create new jobs. The only downside to the measure is that it won’t even come close to giving Coloradans back all the money the state has taken from them in recent years without consent. In recent years the legislature has repeatedly created billions of dollars in new fees on Coloradans without a ballot vote by the people.

The simple truth is, Proposition 116 is a mild but much needed tax cut for all taxpayers at a time when Coloradans could use the boost wherever they can get it. Governor Polis gets that, which is why he supports it.

On November 3rd, taxpayers will have the opportunity to give themselves and our economy a boost by voting “yes” on Proposition 116.

Jerry Sonnenberg


Colorado SD No. 1

Reader says there are thinking people in Trinidad

Dear Editor,

My recent review of five days of your newspaper made me concerned that area voters may be swayed by fearful, inflammatory and inaccurate ads placed by your local Republican Party. Mark Twain had a key quote, “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is getting its shoes on.” I’d like to counter those ads and encourage neighbors to vote based on the facts — not fear.  

How can you find facts? Google has unbiased, free news sources like NPR and the PBS News Hour (who routinely have on Republicans) if you think a claim sounds wrong. The National Governor’s Association and the National Conference of State Legislatures are also, balanced, bi-partisan organizations that can help you understand state programs and policies.  

Democrats don’t support abortion at birth. Democrats don’t want to flat out defund the police. Reforms don’t mean defunding. Taking your guns — nope unless you mean efforts like placing some restriction on automatic weapons like the kind that killed 20 six- and seven-year-olds in Sandy Hook Elementary School (true).  

Of course Democrats support farmers.

Finally, Democrats support health care for those in need and will fight efforts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and efforts to restrict Medicaid. (Qualified non-citizens have to meet qualifications for health care such as being in the US for five years.) Health care access for unauthorized immigrants keeps changing and depends on states’ laws often — but emergency health care is often covered. If not — the local hospitals get stuck with the bill. Again — health care policy is very complicated.  

Fear sucks. Know that there are thinking people in Trinidad. Vote based on facts. I’ve followed the facts. I will be voting for Democrats. Many, many of us are.

Susan Scott


With passing of time, something has changed

Dear Editor,

I wish to express my gratitude to the Las Animas County Republican Party for their recent communication skills in addressing the many faults plaguing our nation in these times of over politization of common-sense issues.

Sadly, I am of the age where I easily remember where COMMON SENSE and REASONABLE DISCUSSION were once a common set of core values which every AMERICAN possessed.  America was a nation of peaceful FREEDOM and EXPRESSION.  Where every American had the right to peacefully express at the top of their lungs a topic, what which an opponent would spend a lifetime in opposition yelling at the top of theirs.

However, with the passing of time something has changed.  Where simple discussion has allowed to turn to violence.  Discourse has transitioned to intimidation and threat.  Where some citizens no longer respect the simple rules of LAW AND ORDER.  Some people now believe their Bolshevik form of REVOLUTION warrants extremism and violence.  Where the MOB rules and these criminals are permitted to trample the individual rights of peace-loving citizens.  Hence, negating the rule of law.

Where crimes of assault, arson, robbery, and battery are committed and never prosecuted.  They are simply overlooked as a political option, or as a matter of addressing HATE or RACE.  Not for the simple fact - IT’S A CRIME.  They chant “DEFUND THE POLICE”, while screaming for law enforcement when they feel threatened.

Americans cannot go to bed at night without the fear of these mobs assaulting or burning their homes or businesses.  They cannot drive the streets to work, or to shop for fear of assault – even death.  Where local and state governments have decided to abandon their fiduciary duty to protect their people – simply to influence a Presidential election.  Still, even here locally, there are persons in politics willing to twist the opposition message for political gain.  Unable to DEBATE, they resort to calling it HATE.

As a person of Irish heritage, I grew from a family of indentured servants.  They traveled indentured to America half-starved and with their belongings on their back.  After decades of indentured servitude, they earned their freedom.  Finally settling and working the coal mines of South-Eastern Pennsylvania.  They did not have any “WHITE PRIVILEDGE”.  They did have the AMERICAN DREAM in believing that “HARD WORK PAID OFF”.  I lived that dream, growing up in a family of five children raised by a single mother.  After schooling, working a career in the military.  Finally, to helping build my own business.

No silver spoon.  No trust fund.  And not once did I ever draw any government assistance.  It was once called, MOUNTAIN PRIDE.  I miss seeing that PRIDE.  Where a person looked INWARD, not OUTWARD to improve themselves.  Trusting in themselves, their country, and their GOD.

Our Colorado community reminds me of that life, where “HARD WORK PAYS OFF”.  I see it in the ranchers working their cattle, the miners working their fields, or the small businesses struggling to grow and thrive.  They do not need to squabble if “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, as they understand in AMERICA – EVERY LIFE MATTERS <period>.  From Cradle to the Grave, each is endowed with the inalienable right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

They do not whine when knocked down, they simply reach down and pull themselves back up.  Sometimes, its simple.  Others, by the grace of God.

This election is not about Donald Trump’s tweets –

These riots are not about simple injustices, while some are tragic, can easily be settled in the courts.

It is about the fundamental question with the RULE OF LAW and the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.

Where the PURSUIT of Happiness, it is not a guarantee – and where HARD WORK, PAYS OFF!

A simple believe that the American people are SMART ENOUGH, STRONG ENOUGH – to self-govern without the need for elite government class to overshadow or overrule them.

It is truly sad when some in opposition to those freedoms are willing use their FREE SPEECH opportunity simply to admonish that honest message.  A message that is simply a reminder of the AMERICAN PLEDGE.  Calling it HATE SPEECH, that language and belief which solely and solemnly rest in our nation’s Constitution.

Makes me wonder, what sort of people hate their country so much as to want to destroy its basic principles.  Has common decency drifted so far askew, sane citizens cannot ever rectify it in the courts or at the ballot box?

We sometimes forget that, and thanks to the local GOP messages – it does not matter if your REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT - each get a simple reminder of what is truly important.

D. Lee Phelan Sr.


Visitor to Trinidad shares own thoughts on current political climate

Dear Editor,

Our democracy is being dismantled piece by piece right in front of us! It is at risk of becoming an authoritarian dictatorship system of government, instead of a democracy, if people continue to deny and spin the truth about Trump and the way he and his administration show complete disregard, or respect, for the truth, the law, ethics, decency, our Constitution, accountability, congressional procedures meant for checks and balances in government, or established precedents.  

What part of the oath of office that Trump took, with his hand on a Bible, does he not understand!? Their obvious efforts to stir up people’s fears and prejudices while promoting conspiracy theories, false accusations and insinuations are all efforts meant to divide, condemn, incite and destroy! Our country will not survive as a democracy if these things are allowed to continue! Spinning and denying the truth won’t change the truth!

Trump is a cult figure that uses and manipulates people for his personal ambitions.  He has an intense need to feel superior, powerful, in charge, honored and adored.  His psychological traits: narcissism, willful lying, racism, misogyny, inflated ego, insecurities, etc., are feeding his growing obsession to become like the dictators he admires and praises. He wants to be the supreme ruler of our country with absolute power...a dictator! He is using fear, lying, ridicule, slander, distortion, deception, coercion, intimidation, anything, including foreign help — to achieve his authoritarian goal. He surrounds himself with required loyal followers, enablers and sycophants, ready and willing to please him, especially A.G. Barr!  

The cult mentality silence and hypocrisy of Republicans in Congress is disgraceful. They choose to deny the truth, and ignore and dishonor their sworn oath to defend our Constitution, in order to enable Trump to continue to rule as he pleases! They choose to do nothing to stop or censure his constant attacks on our democracy. They put partisan politics before country!

The responsibility for the future of our country, America, rests with “we the people,” as referenced in our Constitution and as Roosevelt said, “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.”  Being prepared to choose wisely means allowing ourselves to realize and accept the truth. It’s up to us. The quality of our country’s future, our system of government depends on who becomes our President. Do you want a democracy or a dictatorship? That is the choice!

Susie Jahnke

Trinidad visitor

To be able to live in a free society, you must vote

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the lies and propaganda that we are forced to endure everyday from Fox so-called news, Facebook, and the Las Animas County Republican party.

If you shout a lie long enough and loud enough someone will believe it. Tin pot dictators all over the world have known this for centuries. This fact has resulted in disaster many times. A dear uncle who was a college professor told me over 40 years ago a very simple truth, “If you do not read, you will be led.”

Facts don’t come from Facebook, facts don’t come from news sources that editorialize every story, and facts definitely don’t come from a political campaign. The following are facts. They can be checked through many sources, including your own eyes.

Donald Trump has torn children from their parents and put them in cages run by private corporations. Donald Trump has lied well over 20,000 times since being elected. Donald Trump believes Vladimir Putin over our own intelligence agencies and allies. Donald Trump hates veterans, calling them “losers and suckers.” Donald Trump admitted in an interview that he knew in early February that COVID-19 was a devastating, deadly virus while telling the public that it was nothing more than a common cold or flu. These are facts.

If you want your children and grandchildren to know what a democracy is, and to be able to live in a free society, you must vote. You must vote to remove Trump and all the Republicans who have enabled him every step of the way.

Oliver Toole


Let’s keep the apostrophe in Fisher’s Peak

Dear Editor,

Fisher’s Peak (with an apostrophe) was named for Woldemar August Fischer (spelled with an “o”), who was born in Kamenz, Dresden, Saxony, Germany on December 9, 1804 and died in St. Louis, Missouri on November 21, 1876.

Keep the apostrophe!

Tom Hunter


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