Is society by the people for the people really free?

Dear Editor,

Regardless of the present high profile case, the idea of no-knock warrants doesn’t sit well with me. And whether you’re black or white we all can agree that humans make mistakes.

When I think of this type of arrest I think of storm troopers in Nazi Germany, not a free society by the people for the people.

Steve Underwood


Reader weighs in with thoughts on election

Dear Editor,

If you take his word for it, Donald Trump is the greatest president in history. He claims to know more about global warming than climatologists, more about the military than generals, and more about infectious disease than epidemiologists.

Of course, none of it’s true, so why does he make such outlandish claims, and why do so many people believe him? After all, he has no background in science; no military service, no training in medicine. But he does have experience in real estate, gambling casinos, reality television and professional wrestling.

Everything in his background has been about making things up. He is essentially a storyteller who creates illusions and distractions that tap into our primal fears. When his sexual, financial, and criminal misdeeds threatened his 2016 campaign, he made up a scary story to distract us. He told us that hordes of dark-skinned murderers and rapists were forming caravans that were advancing towards our borders. He claimed that he alone could save us, by building a “Great Wall” that Mexico would pay for. He sent the military to stop them. He locked up thousands of immigrant children to prevent them from infiltrating and polluting our society.

That scary story did the trick, it distracted us from the reality that he’s unfit to be president. It shifted our attention and stoked our fears. Scary stories don’t need to have much staying power in order to be effective. After all, we have short attention spans.

We want “the news” to be new. So, we don’t hear much about the caravans, or the wall, or incarcerated children anymore.

Now, as another election approaches, he is spinning new scary stories to distract us from the realities of a pandemic which has already claimed 200,000 American lives, and a popular citizens’ uprising which has protesters in the streets, calling for an end to systemic racism and police violence. His new scary stories are about economic collapse that will descend upon us if we practice social distancing and wear masks. He creates horrific tales about violent Black men and crazed anarchists invading our neighborhoods, and about athletes who irreverently kneel in support of the victims of police violence who are, in his made-up story committing acts of desecration against our flag and disrespect for our military.

But I say, “enough with his scary stories. It’s time to return to reality and vote him out of office.”


Doug Holdread


Reader says virus doesn’t care about individual politics

Dear Editor,

The virus doesn’t care about your politics. Neither does the carbon-dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Both can, and will, continue to grow no matter how you cast your ballot.

Should you believe that almost 200,000 COVID-19 deaths in this country would have happened under anybody but President Trump’s watch, there’s very little reason for you to continue reading this letter.

But if you believe in science and scientists, please stay with me. The president was told in January how lethal the coronavirus is. Did he share that knowledge with people who have trained for years, if not decades, on how to stop a viral pathogen? Did he urge people to mask up, keep their distance, and listen to those with medical knowledge? No, he assured the country that the virus was just visiting, that it would go away as the seasons changed, and that businesses and schools would be just fine by staying open.

The results of his magical thinking are before you. Please vote accordingly.

Barbara J. Kelly, M.S.


An argument for socialism vs. capitalism

Dear Editor,

Do you realize that without an incredible number of rules and regulations controlling your money and capitalism in the U.S. and globally, it would be literally possible for one person to acquire all of the property and wealth within a certain nation or even within our entire globe?

One might say at this point in the modern world that we are edging towards such an idea.

Today in the U.S. a small group of individuals and corporations own most of our tech companies as well as our public airwaves for T.V. and radio.

The American pie is now owned by the favored few that can’t eat it because it’s too big for them.

The United States is a capitalist country and many other countries around the world are also capitalist countries and most countries that are referred to as being socialist or even communist, like China, operate on capitalism as their financial system.

European countries are actually very close to pure capitalism, except that the government imposes certain taxations on income and property and other rules and regulations. It’s not that different over there, but the right-wing corporate mouthpieces in the U.S. on A.M. radio and Fox tell us we’re moving away from capitalism, it’s the opposite. They just get paid money to say that.

Today with modern corporations and a very complicated globe where speech and democracy are not always free, even in the most powerful countries, we actually have a situation where an individual or a specific corporation could become a national owner of a nation.

So my friends who are so fond of bragging about “capitalism in the USA” and hating the Democratic party because we want to have some controls on capitalism, let me make my point clear here.

Paraphrased from Huey Long: When the favored few, own wealth great enough to support their progeny for thousands of years, and that wealth could be spent for the good of us all in medicine, science, housing, and security for the masses, NOW, then we have to say, come back here and put something back on the table. Leave something for the rest of us to consume. Let the world live!

Chip Shirley


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