Reader says ‘right’ has it wrong

Dear Editor,

Is gun ownership safe?

Nearly all Americans, Republican, Democrat or Independent own a weapon of some kind. The Republicans say “THEY” are going to take your guns away. Those Republicans need to be specific and tell gun owners “WHO” is going to come into all our homes and confiscate the weapons owned by millions and millions of Americans.  Republicans have been saying this since Ronald Reagan was President. To date, has “ANYONE” actually done this to you?

Americans will never allow weapons to be confiscated. Our Second Amendment protects this right. These Republican “FEAR TACTICTS” are “BOLD FACE LIES.”  

Do you respect our country’s flag?

The Republicans talk proudly about the United States flag and its colors. They are the people who have “denigrated” the U.S. flag by changing its colors to black and white, black-white-and-blue, and with writing smeared across the red and white stripes with Trumps name written across our National Flag.

The Republicans generalize that the Democrats are flag burners, per ads in local newspapers. The Republicans need to provide names of those flag burners. We are sure those supposed flag burners are not true Americans. These Republican accusations about Democrats are also “BOLD FACE LIES.”

We are all Americans but we are not required to blindly follow any president. President Theodore Roosevelt said, “It is the American peoples duty to question their leaders, whether it be local, state or federal.” What the American people are expected to do is to support our Constitution and its laws.  

Richard Bonacquista

Melissa Bonacquista


What do we support? Let’s talk about it

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted a chart that neatly defines the differences between what democrats support and what republicans support. I am a democrat, and I was shocked to learn that I favor killing babies, a weak military, open borders, defunding police, eliminating term limits, and communism, among other things. And, of course, the republican side of the chart revealed that they favor allowing babies to live, a strong military, etc.

I responded to this by explaining to my friend that one of the main impediments to solving the many problems we face as Americans is the entrenched divisiveness that characterizes how we view our fellow citizens when their views are different from ours.

Propaganda like this only serves to inflame this divisiveness and make it more difficult to work together — after all, who wants to engage with a baby-killing commie who wants to take away your guns and raise your taxes?

I explained to my friend that I support practically none of what this chart would have you believe, and that this type of negative characterization nurtures hate and division at a time when we must be able to work together as Americans going forward. He seemed surprised at my reaction, and told me that I was still his friend, but if I vote democrat I am supporting those views indicated in the chart. His mind was already made up, and there was no way the truth was going to change that.

The person that originally posted this chart included a caption that read, “I honestly don’t understand the left.” This is obviously true, since she has made no attempt to honestly understand the “left.”

Please, if you want to know what a democrat believes, ask one. Let’s talk about it.


Kevin Cox


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