Murder — act of passion, not a job

Dear Editor,

I find it tragic that a human life ends from actions of a police officer.

When this happens, we members of society are indirectly responsible. The police are acting on our behalf. We train them and instruct them when to use deadly force.

I am not defending abuse or think that they should not be accountable, but murder is an act of passion — not a job.

Steve Underwood


Reader says Primero School District needs to distribute scholarship funds

Dear readers of Trinidad and surrounding areas,

I am writing this letter about Primero School District No. 2.

I had a child recently attend and graduate from Primero. There is a tradition at the school in which the children can participate in concession stands during sporting events and fundraisers. The reason for this is so when the children graduate, they can go on a nice trip.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the class of 2020 wasn’t able to go. The school is still in possession of all the money they raised. They claimed they couldn’t just distribute the money claiming it would be distributed via a scholarship forcing the children to sign a paper saying they would receive nothing otherwise.

That was in June 2020. It is now March 2021 and none of the children have received said scholarship. The school refuses to answer emails and is rather rude. My child is having to take out larger loans without the money they earned. Thank you for reading.

Concerned parent,

Juliet Riggins


Resident appreciates Las Animas County Commissioners proclamation for cattlemen

Dear Editor,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Las Animas County Commissioners, for passing the Resolution 21-012, “Recognizing the Many Past and Current Contributions of Las Animas County’s Cattlemen and other Meat Producers,” in a direct response to Governor Polis’ Anti- Rural Colorado MeatOut Day Proclamation.

Polis’s recent MeatOut Proclamation (encouraging meatless diets) serves as precursor to a laundry list of House Bills and ballot initiatives to be heard during this year’s legislative session. If passed, these changes will prove to be devastating to Ag Producers and Cattlemen throughout the state. Gov Polis and the out of touch politicians under the “Golden Dome”, continually fail to see how their policies and rhetoric affects and alienates constituents outside the metroplex, thus driving the wedge further into the Urban Rural Divide.

The Commissioners prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


Ty Winter


Remembering time of meatless Fridays: Are there any Catholic cattlemen around?

Dear Editor,

Please excuse me! I am very curious as the how many of the Colorado ranchers are Catholic? Do they know anyone who is?

I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic and remember very well a time when eating meat on every Friday was forbidden and even considered a “sin.”

 If you went to Catholic school, we were served fish or non-meat every Friday at school and at home.

As I grew older in the church the rules changed and then we were allowed to eat meat, except on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and to try to abstain on all Fridays during Lent. By the way, that is at least 8-10 days.

Now, Gov. Polis is asking for one meat free day and is being called names and accused of being an “urbanite assaulter.”

This seems like trumped-up politics and a double standard to me.

Just wondering?

Roberta Brown


PS: Check out the local restaurants. Most serve a fish special on Fridays during Lent.

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