Congrats going out to Wally Wallace

Dear Editor,

Harriet and Fred Vaugeois (of the Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre) would like to send a hearty congratulation to one of Trinidad’s newest neighbors and perhaps No. 1 creative entrepreneur of the moment. That is Wally Wallace, producer and promoter of the recent Southwest Chief Bicycle & Comedy Festival that rocked the streets of downtown Trinidad and the hearts of the countless participants, on and off stage.

Mr. Wallace, the persistent, detailed, and humble visionary, wrangled deals with – wait for it – Amtrak, to bring comedians and comedy lovers from Los Angeles and Chicago for the weekend to hang out in town and work themselves to exhaustion. Over 80 comedians presented too many comedy sets for us to count, moving from one venue to another in jam-packed fashion. With each show we saw, we wondered about all the other shows going on at the same time that we were missing.

And the variety. Wow. Definitely something for everyone. Every style of comedy. Every possible topic. And some constructive critiques for the rest of us to think about as we plan our own local entertainment and prepare our town for visitors.

Thanks, Wally, for reminding us how the impossible is just one laugh track away from being possible.  Thanks for inspiring us and making us laugh – and laugh – and laugh.  We’re still smiling, several days later.

Harriet and Fred Vaugeois


If you have doubts about legislation, read the bills

Dear Editor,

Senator Larry Crowder’s comments regarding HB-1032 (school sex education) were quite misleading. The bill does not “promote abortion.” The bill states clearly:

“Comprehensive human sexuality does not require instruction on pregnancy outcome options. However if a public school opts to provide instruction on pregnancy outcomes the instruction must cover all pregnancy options including but not limited to adoption, abortion and parenting. Instruction on pregnancy outcome options must be provided in an objective unbiased manner must not endorse or favor one or more pregnancy options.”

The Senator is correct in stating that the bill does not “endorse abstinence.” The bill is not meant to endorse or condemn different methods of pregnancy prevention options. It is meant to present, without bias, different options available.

Parents should understand that, under the bill, parents are to receive written notification when sex education is about to be taught in school. The bill makes clear that parents can keep their children home or away from those lessons if they believe the school is out of line.

If we ever have doubts about bills, we should read them.


Anna Hoagland


Front page news story’s misleading headline causes concern

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to bring your attention to the misleading headline on the front page yesterday regarding the library. The headline reads as though there was an arrest at the library for unlawful possession of drugs. We’ve had phone calls from the community, upset. I’m sure they didn’t read the whole article before calling, and we told them it was a mistake.

I’m not sure why the incident of someone ingesting poison was mentioned, but if mentioned at all, why cram it into another, unrelated article? Only to confuse readers?  I believe it to be a violation of that person’s privacy surrounding their health challenges and their use of the library. Most incidents of first responders at the library haven’t been reported, so why this one?

Regardless of my personal opinion, issues surrounding drugs, homelessness and poverty are on the front of everyone’s mind in the community. As Library Director, I’m in a position of balancing a lot of perceptions, whether incorrect or not. When someone reads a misleading headline -- well, you both know how rumors can fly in Trinidad.

While I realize that not all news is positive, I would appreciate the courtesy of a phone call before misinformation gets out.

Mallory Pillard


Trinidad Carnegie Library

SW Chief Comedy & Bicycle Festival was ton of fun

Dear Editor,

Big thanks to Wally Wallace and his team for bringing the Southwest Chief Comedy and Bicycle Festival to Trinidad last week! It was really a ton of fun with dozens and dozens of talented comics from all over the country performing at venues up and down Main and Commercial in Trinidad. I had a blast and it made me think that Trinidad could support a comedy and music club that books acts on a weekly basis! I’m glad this event happened and hope it comes again next year. I’m also really looking forward to the upcoming Trinidaddio Blues Fest as well, I only hope that Trinidad can have more, more, more live entertainment in the near future!

Chip Shirley


Candidate says political system should be more


Dear Editor,

Colorado’s General Assembly has rushed through House Bill 1278, which makes “miscellaneous” changes to Colorado election law. It vastly increases the number of petition signatures required to place independent and minor party candidates on Colorado’s ballot.

The Unity Party, the Approval Voting Party, the Libertarian Party, Best Democracy, and Unite Colorado (which represents independent candidates) oppose Section 19 of House Bill 1278. If this bill becomes law, the new ballot access restrictions should be repealed next year.

The political system should be more inclusive, open, fair, and representative. We should encourage people to participate in the political process, rather than looking for more ways to shut them out. Under the original language of the US Constitution, about 94 percent of the population was denied the right to vote. We have made progress since then, but we still have a long way to go.

House Bill 1278 would not obstruct the nomination of Unity Party candidates because we are an established minor party. However, we support reasonable ballot access for independent candidates. The Unity Party has an open and democratic nomination process. Prospective independent candidates are welcome to seek the Unity Party’s nomination.

Most candidates of Colorado’s recognized political parties are nominated by party assembly. They don’t need to petition. Independent candidates must petition onto the ballot. This is a labor intensive, expensive, and frustrating process. Unite Colorado reports that average petition drives for major party candidates for statewide office in Colorado cost more than $200,000. House Bill 1278 extends this “pay to play” system.

Gary Swing

Unity Party candidate for U.S. Senator


Are we ready for the next financial crisis?

Dear Editor,

We are not ready, because we have not faced the reasons for the last one. Obama opened the door to the reasons or some of the reasons by turning over billions $ to Wall St. and we watched them divide it up amongst themselves in bonuses.

It was/is the mental impairment of those money-rulers that have not yet been defined. We will never be ready until these impairments are defined. What’s worse is these impairments can not be defined by those who have these impairments!

So, ready or not, we’re waiting for the next one as we go from bubble to bubble.

Tom Worbetz


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