Trinidad is facing its greatest challenges and opportunities in decades.  We have been on the path of a promising future only to be interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With our Space to Create, Fisher’s Peak and public-private partnership projects as our catalysts, we were on target to have a tremendous year. Space to Create is still on schedule to open this summer, however, our ‘soft opening’ of Fisher’s Peak, which we had hoped for in June, has been pushed to a later date.  Work on all projects continues to move forward at a slower pace.

Trinidad has seen adversity in the past, but the current COVID-19 is taking a toll on health and business. City council and staff are working diligently to lessen this impact to our city.  

City council, in April, appropriated five hundred thousand dollars from our cannabis revenue to help our local community. While this seems like a large amount, it does not compare to the actual need of citizens and businesses but I hope that the appropriation provides some relief to our local community.

There is a state of confusion and uncertainty locally and nationally.  Just a few months ago, our lives, that seemed so familiar, have become very uncertain. 

Today may seem unclear and at times, even bleak, but we must not despair, we must continue to move forward with hope and anticipation of a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow will bring a new ‘normal’, what that will be is unknown at this time, but we will adapt.

We still have our major projects to look forward to. We will continue to build on what we are trying to accomplish.  It may take longer, but by being persistent in pursuit of our goals and with a dedicated council, staff, volunteers, and community support, with everyone pitching in, we will succeed TOGETHER.

I want to thank our medical community and first responders for the job they are doing at this critical time.  This group has risen to the challenge not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

In closing, I ask all citizens of Trinidad to help keep this pandemic from spreading into our city by wearing masks in public, keeping the recommended 6-foot distancing and staying home.

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