The Colorado Governor by executive order slashed $229 million dollars from the state budget. This and other decisions were made at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday by the governor. My question is, “Under whose authority?” This should be done by legislation and the governor has the authority to either sign or veto such legislation.

In a declaration of disaster the governor can direct emergency spending such as floods and fires, but to arbitrarily cut spending is not a part of the governor’s duties. This type of authoritarian government cannot continue to happen. In a declaration on April 27 the governor gave local control on the virus to the county government.

Ski areas are closed until May 23. State services have been cut. Wolf Creek Ski Area, following this directive had garnered the necessary permission from surrounding local government entities to open on May 2. Another directive from the governor’s office declared all ski slopes closed until May 23.

In southern Colorado we have had 27 cases in the San Luis Valley and I am of the belief that we need to trust the people to make proper health decisions. We should not compare rural southern Colorado to the heavily populated metro area. Both businesses and customers will know what is right for them. We do not need local health officials telling people to inform on their neighbors for not wearing a mask.

We will all get through this by mutual trust. We as a people will not be dictated to.

The budget process starts the fourth of this month and there will be a revenue shortfall.

Under our state constitution, we are required to have a balanced budget. There will be people affected because of the program cuts.

We are all in this together and together we will get through this pandemic. Remember the government works for you.

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