Dear Editor,

This is in response to a letter that appeared in The Chronicle-News Friday, July 19 concerning the Recall Polis effort.

The recall IS a bipartisan effort as evidenced by the many democrat, libertarian and independent voters who have signed the petition. I, myself, am not a Republican.

The letter referenced HB 1168, 1174, and SB 005. These are all health care issues and are issues that Conservatives throughout the country have been changing laws on already. The Trump administration tried to enact a law requiring drug companies to show their list prices during TV commercials but it was struck down by an Obama appointed federal judge. I am all for health care reform. The health care, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries are some of the most corrupt in this country. Conservatives also asked that consumers be able to purchase drugs overseas, so Polis wanting to buy drugs from Canada has already been addressed.

As to the tuition freeze at Colorado Universities, the University of Colorado board of regents voted to freeze their tuition at an April 5th meting and other universities started to do the same. It was already being done without the Governor’s input.

Trinidad has had full day kindergarten for the past 17 years with a median income of only $43,614. Boulder Valley, with a median income of $80,834, Cherry Creek, median income of $97,883, and Douglas County, median income of $109,962 only half a day. Full day kindergarten has ben implemented since a Senate bill was introduced in 2007. These three districts didn’t do their part to make it happen. One report that I read stated that it would take $200,000 per classroom to implement full day kindergarten in Douglas County. That’s wrong and irresponsible. They could have had full day kindergarten if they wanted it.

State Senator Larry Crowder and US Senator Cory Gardner’s opinion on the recall effort is mute. This is a grass roots movement and a bipartisan one at that. These politicians don’t need to voice their approval/disapproval of the recall.

Now to the National Popular Vote. I find it interesting that you say everyone has a vote when the Democrat Party in this state obviously doesn’t think so. During the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders not only had more delegate votes but he also had the popular vote and Hillary still got the nomination. Hmmm? How does that work? So the Democrat party doesn’t believe in an electoral system or a popular vote? What’s the rule they live by?

People need to understand that the United States is a Republic in which laws are made by representatives chosen by the people and must comply with a constitution which specifically protects the rights of the minority from the will of the majority. This protects everyone from the “Mob Rule.” Let’s put the shoe on the other foot, if every registered voter in this state voted for Hillary and Trump won California, New York, Illinois, and Texas the left wouldn’t even be talking about the NPV. This is the very reason we have the Electoral College. Your vote can be taken away by four states.

The Red Flag Law should have been put to the voters. I’m about responsible gun ownership, but this is a very poorly written bill. If this is what the people want why are 67 percent of Colorado counties refusing to recognize it? Connecticut may have reduced “suicide by gun” by enacting a similar law, but the suicide rate itself didn’t drop. If Connecticut would have passed a “Death with Dignity” law in 1995 when it was first introduced, suicide by gun wouldn’t even be relevant.

SB 181, the oil and gas bill, goes against what Coloradans voted for. Denver and Boulder didn’t want it so the Governor and a couple of his cronies decided to change it; against the will of the people.

Just my opinion, but sex ed. should be taught at home. Government has no business involving itself in such matters.

Governor Polis did win the election but the negative things he has done in his short time as Governor cannot be overlooked. I agree that he has signed some good legislation but these were already being implemented o were borrowed from Conservatives. I’m sure Mr. Polis’ has good intentions, but as the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The laws that he signed that are on the petition were never put to the people. We don’t need a dictator; we need a voice of the people. The recall is a bipartisan effort and it’s strong.

I had a great conversation with a registered Democrat after he signed the petition. He stated something very profound; he stated 90 percent of voters are uneducated on what they are voting on, they just vote along party lines. Sad but true. I will have a conversation on issues with anyone; just that, a conversation.

We’re all in this together, we should act like it. I’ll bet we have more in common than not.


Tim Merchant


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