Dear Editor,

I am asking the citizens of Las Animas County to support Governor Jared polis, to say NO to the effort by the Republican Party to recall Governor Polis, and to refuse to sign the recall petitions. This recall is not a bipartisan effort.

Governor Jared Polis was elected by 53 percent of the voters in November 2018. Walker Stapleton received 43 percent of the vote. Coloradans spoke clearly when deciding that two-thirds of the Colorado Assembly House would be Democrats. The Colorado Assembly Senate has a narrow Democratic majority. Governor Polis and the Assembly have done what they were elected to do. The following legislative successes are only a few of the reasons to support Governor Polis.

1) Colorado Chamber of Commerce applauded the Legislative Successes in the 2019 Assembly.

2) HB 1168 helps insurance companies pay claims for high risk people

3) HB 1174 ends out of network surprise medical charges.

4) SB 005 approves the importation of prescription drugs from Canada in order to provide cheaper prescription drugs to Coloradans.

5)  HB 1129 bans gay conversion therapy.

6) HB 1028 allows for the use of medical marijuana to treat autism

7) Tuition freeze at nearly all public universities.

8) HB 1216 caps the price of insulin at $100 per month

9) 100 percent renewable energy by 2040.

10) Funding of full-day kindergarten

11) Two-thirds of the bills passed had bipartisan support

Our Republican Colorado State Senator Larry Crowder and our Republican United States Senator Cory Gardner do not support the recall of Governor Polis. Other Republicans do not support the recall.

The following are comments on bills that many in the recall movement oppose.

The National Popular Vote does not give your vote away. Each state gets one electoral vote for each US Senator and one for each US House Representative. Colorado has nine electoral votes. Each electoral vote in California represents 680,000 people. In Wyoming, each electoral vote represents 190,00 people. The National Popular Vote would give one person, one vote.

No Red Flag Law has been ruled unconstitutional. Other states have them. Connecticut has had a red flag law since 1999. They have reduced their suicide by gun rate by 13 percent. Justice Scalia in Heller (2008) “Nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubts on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill.”

SB 181 gives control over drilling of oil and gas to local governments. Las Animas County has controls in place. In November, we voted on setbacks throughout the state. SB 181 gives control to our county.

If schools teach sex education, the curriculum must include more than abstinence only.  Consent is very important. Sex ed is not a graduation requirement.

Support Governor Polis! Thank you.

Teresa Grunewald


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