Reader says the country can do better than status quo

Dear Editor,

Do issues like these concern you today?

— Our government’s leadership enriched by corporate America, the same people who have created an economic reality in which the top 1 percent of earners hold more wealth than the entire middle class.

— Leadership that has abandoned our young people studying for a college degree to a sea of debt that may be with them for decades and remain a major financial obstacle in finding affordable housing.

— Leadership that has denigrated and in many cases censored our scientific community in a time when science and technology are crucial to dealing with the problem of Climate Change and its repercussions like drought, wildfire, and severe storms.

— Leadership that accepts big bucks donations from the fossil fuel industry to expand drilling while fighting regulations that require conservation and fuel efficiencies and embedding jobs and people’s futures in 20th century technology that threatens our planet’s climate and ecosystems.

If these issues concern you as they do me and you want change, join me in supporting Ike McCorkle to be Colorado’s District 4 representative to the U.S. Congress.

As examples of his ideas, Ike supports healthcare as a human right and not an institution for corporate profit. He supports Medicare for All.

Ike supports changes to our tax codes so that millionaires and corporations pay their fair share; and he supports a fair living wage for all Americans and will reign in exploitative practices of corporate labor abuse.

Ike supports game-changing investment in renewable energy programs and research across the country, while helping transition workers to new good-paying jobs with benefits in an industry that will move us forward to a new day of managing Climate Change and leave our kids a habitable world.

I believe that our country can do so much better than the status quo. That’s why I’m voting for Ike.

Kevin Grunewald


Two sides to every story — each party could have done something different

Dear Editor,

There are always, as it seems, two sides to the story. I won’t pass judgment on either party the police or the latest black man to be killed. But if asked, both parties could have done something different.

Yes, the police didn’t have to shoot the man. But also Jacob should not have been fighting the police. I am afraid that Black Lives Matter only wants police not to do their job and not protect themselves.

Steve Underwood


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