The Lady Miner basketball team opened home court at Donnelly Gym Jan. 9 to host the Sanford Indians in a prelude to the thickest calendar of the winter sports season.

The Lady Miners lost to the Indians 26-13.

Trinidad High School student-athlete senior No.12 Frieda Ochoa provided one of the few sources of hustle and aggressive play down low for the Lady Miners, pulling rebounds and dishing outlet passes.  Lady Miner student-athlete sophomore No. 31 Julia Holden provided the other source hustle, enjoying round ball with a passion and determination to play a better team game.  Student-athletes senior No. 25 Kaylee Chavez and sophomore No. 5 Justis Dionisio rounded out the Lady Miners making significant contributions for the game.

Box scores and team stats are insignificant for Coach Ipek Turkyilmaz .  Turkyilmaz is missing a team with a true passion for the game.  The Lady Miners lack leadership on the court, resulting in an inconsistent performance unavoidable without a floor commander providing effective communication and directed court transitions. Some may call what the Miners need as, "Pep in your step." Basketball played with a purpose.

Basketball played with a purpose may be the just one of many steps the Lady Miners need to pass in order to bring success to the winter sports season for THS..  But, basketball with a purpose is the easiest thing to accomplish.  And the Lady Miners have plenty of opportunities to find that purpose.

Playing basketball with the need to win, not just the need to play.

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