On Jan. 13, the Primero Lady Bulldogs invited Creede  to a home court hoops challenge against a stoutly conditioned, tall, and aggressively athletic Miners round ball team.

But again with what has become almost standard operating procedure for Primero, Bulldog student-athlete No. 5 Kirsten Martinez broke a sweat and began to run circles around all Creede Miner defenders, both from the perimeter and  in way downtown Creede.  Absent from this game was Martinez’s two dozen steals, blocks and interceptions that accompany No. 5’s often absurd offensive numbers. Martinez showed all in attendance at Primero H.S. that Martinez is the finest action point guard in the league, if not state, scoring an astounding 42 points against a very good Miner team while remaining foul hazard free in the most graphic display of point guard acumen seen in these parts in a long time.

Bulldog senior student-athlete and stalwart power center No. 24 Melanie Lujan had a tremendous end-to-end offensive and defensive board bending performance underneath, ripping rebounds and denying the Miners second chance dishes while boxing out the Miners box car positions in the key paint.

Bulldog senior student-athletes No. 12 Alysia Baca,  No. 21 Gabi Griego and No. 35. Taylor Mestas showed why senior hoops maturity is essential to win at home or away with the three defensive buzz saws clogging  lanes, boxing out  rebounders and essentially running the Creede Miners into the ground with all three Bulldog little engines that could just playing sound, sticky defensive basketball.

The Primero Lady Bulldogs beat the Creede Miners 56-41.

The Lady Primero Bulldogs enjoy a nice drive to Centennial and challenge the Rams Thursday, Jan. 18 at 5:00 p.m.to work some crazy kind of magic and figure out how to slow down Bulldog point guard Kirsten Martinez and shake off a shut down Primero defense.

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