On Jan. 9 at Donnelly Gym at Trinidad High School, the Miner boys basketball team greeted the Sanford Indians on home parquet to begin a five week stretch thru the busiest portion of the winter sports season.

The Mighty Miners were defeated by the Indians 53-47.

The Miner hoops team started the first period as they played the entire game.  Sporadically well and inconsistently disciplined.  By no means were Sanford a better basketball team, although the Indians carried a significant height advantage over the Miners.  The Miners alone cost themselves the victory by playing at times well enough to win, and others not well enough at all.

The Miners best team play came defensively when the Miners enforced an aggressive one-on-one press defense on the Indians, packaging steals, intercepted passes and defensive boards in a giant cardboard box named "shut down", while climbing within striking distance of a fast and athletic Indians hoops team.

THS student-athlete senior No. 20 Isaiah Garcia led all Miner scoring at 14 points.  Garcia also made key contributions underneath the hoop, crashing boards with gusto, helping the Miners transition fluently from an aggressive defense to a over zealous offense. Patience, poor shot selections and lack of effective ball rotation around the wheelhouse plagued the Miners sporadically throughout the game on the offensive end of the court, allowing for unmatched buckets scored as the Indians played a far more disciplined and fundamentally sound ball game.

Miner student athlete junior No. 40 Justin Gonzales scored 11 points for the game while delivering aggressive defensive and offensive rebounding from the forward position.  Student-athlete seniors  No. 5 Isaiah Vigil and No. 23 Ray Garcia each had seven points, with Vigil anchoring the paint with strong wide rebounding body music standard for Vigils play. While Garcia provided a splash of rocket fuel to a sporadically surging offense and an inconsistently oppressive defense. Student-athlete senior No. 30 Michael Rodriguez added five points for the Miners while junior No.12 DJ Chongway had a bucket.

The Miners boys basketball has been plagued all season with injuries, with Coach David Harnish sharing an injury report containing two torn ACL's and five significant sprains on the team.  The Miners have had to overcome a lot of adversity this season. And If the Miner boys basketball team can develop disciplined, fluid basketball play alone, their chance to win more games will be greatly improved and not something chased after.

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