Lawrence Sandoval

Miner student-athlete No. 24 Lawrence Sandoval, above right, continues to show why he is the go-to hoopster for the Miners during a flatly played loss to the La Junta Tigers 30-42.

The Trinidad High School Miners boys basketball team has seen more road time a universe away from Donnelly Gym than dinner time at home with any family.  

After playing an extremely hard fought, gut-filled and gritty labeled loss to Lamar High School 64-60 on Jan.11, the Miners boys team traveled two days later, first to Salida for a full set starting at 3 p.m., getting home for rest at Zero:dark:30. Then off to Manitou Springs two days after that for a 7 p.m. tip off and an after-midnight return. Tired was an understatement for the Miners last Thursday as the home team fell 30-42 to the Tigers.

The La Junta Tigers boys basketball team themselves were coming off a two game slider with chili as they also have traveled long and far to play hard fought competitive league basketball.

What arrives was a tired basketball court that saw both teams dangerously anemic on both ends of the court. Both sides shared turnover duty with the Miners working overtime, allowing the Tigers to casually pace off an advancing three-point advantage per quarter, leaving the Miners down twelve at the end of the game.

Both teams were far off game scoring by about 20 points per game from their respective seasons scoring averages, leaving the very full bipartisan Donnelly Gymnasium bleacher seating wanting to see either team fire a little spark and shake off the road trip blues.

For the THS Miners, junior student-athlete and Sky Marshal No.24 Lawrence Sandoval scratched the heavens from anywhere around the painted key and provided the only real consistency for the Miner hoops team on both offense and defense. The problem for Sandoval and the balance of the Miners team was the lack of scoring throughout as only one bucket was put in the stack in the first period. Two triple dippers all alone in the second period. Somewhat back to a Miner average scoring per quarter with 12 points in the third but again a bleed out with 10 points in the fourth.

The Miners generated good offensive opportunities thru a respectable defensive effort but carried heavy arms and blurred shot looks on offense leftover from a missing three-day stretch of nothing to do but catch up on rest at home.

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