This Saturday, Jan. 20, at 9:00 a.m. the G. Gagliardi Wrestling Tournament opens at Trinidad High School and is a generations old, state wide and iconic high school wrestling tournament consisting of twenty four teams from all corners of Colorado as well as from states across the border.

On Jan. 17, THS Athletic Director Joe Vergilio shared that Pete Gomaz will again contract to provide tournament infrastructure operations. Tournament infrastructure that includes bracketing of all student-athletes by weight and record, all floor operations including electronically projecting match score keeping and mat assignments for over 200 student-athletes in attendance as well as providing a much needed source for attendees and media to keep up with what will be over 250 individual matches on the day.

Weigh-ins start at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning with first matches beginning at 9:00 a.m. at Donnelly Gym on the THS campus.

When asked about how the THS Miners wrestling team is performing and what to expect for the tourney Saturday morning, head wrestling coach Adam Ortivez  became as secretive and evasive as any master tactician and head wrestling coach would with Ortivez a true tactician of wrestling.  

Ortivez offered the weigh-in lineup for the Friday, Jan. 19 invitation to Taos High School on home court mats at Donnelly Gym as an extremely small look into what, according to Ortivez, "Will not be the same roster as the tourney."  

When asked about injuries that may plague the wrestling MIners, Ortivez brushed a very broad and foggy stroke stating the team is rubbing out "bumps and bruises" in mid season form, and the current starters offer nothing of specific concern.

Still completely off competitive radar anytime in the near future is THS student-athlete and Miners Wrestling Chair Emeritus Bill 'The Worm' Felthager who suffered a tragic knee injury during last Decembers John Mall Invitational Wrestling Tournament in Walsenberg, Colorado. 'The Worm' remains with knee injuries not completely diagnosed and yet to be treated, and was not seen in any manner inside the "Hot Box." Felthagers name removed from the current Miners roster posted on the wall inside the "Hot Box" training facility.

Miners grapplers looking ahead to Friday's home match against Taos are 106 pound student-athlete Alberto Falthager, 126 pound female student-athlete Adriane Jones, 132 pound student-athlete Brendan Harmon,138 pound student-athlete Chris Ryan, 145 pound student-athlete Dilan Villa, 152 pound student athlete Jimmy Torres, 160 pound student-athlete Chance Weining, 170 pound student-athlete Jesus Diaz, 182 pound student-athlete Wyatt Weining and 220 pound student-athlete Caleb Armijo.

Catch THS Miners wrestling at Donnelly Gym Friday, Jan. 19 at 6:00 p.m. versus Taos and Saturday, Jan. 20 for the G, Gagliardi Invitational Wrestling Tournament on home mats at 9:00 a.m.

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