Good basketball teams overcome all types of adiversity to win. Often outmatched athletically, a basketball team will out hustle an opponent with a strong press defense, gaining a win where none on paper existed. Meanwhile, a shorter team might match wits from down deep, punctuating a win with three pointers at high percentages.

There are a few things that will always demand a basketball team will lose a chance at a win. For Hoehne, A mid-December winter  wind blasted a blizzard along Hwy 350 and closed for travel to La Junta. That was a  lost chance to win. Then, a power outage in Hoehne pitched the gym black to absolute silence.  No concession stand open. And not much of a chance to win.

Committing an obscene amount of unforced errors and turnovers, the better basketball team may never win.

Last Thursday, December 21 the Farmer Country fan base witnessed a Hoehne High School Farmer girls basketball team far more athletic, far more talented and far less disciplined fight and scratch then fall in a 39-38 loss to Las Animas. Fighting and scratching routinely interrupted by passes to waiting Las Animas defenders.

Double digit turnover’s in the first half left the Farmers down double digits to start the second hald against Las Animas, 17-30.

Coach Coberly spent halftime refocusing and calming down a noticeably frustrated and flustered Farmer girls basketball team, including himself, and the Farmers returned to somewhat standard form for the remainder of the game. Yet the Lady Farmers were still plagued by unforced errors.

Farmer student-athlete No.23 Walton picked up her defensive game with gusto, returning to the paint with strong defensive rebounding and dishes off the offensive glass for 18 points.  No.4, Baca-Cordova contributed 9 points while No. 15 Navarette offered 8 points.

The Farmers return to hoops action with Junior High/Junior Varsity teams traveling to Primero January 4, tip off at 4 p.m.  The HHS varsity hoops get back to work away to Crowley County January 12 at 4 p.m.

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