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Primero High School senior Walter Macwaters, above left, center, trains young area student-athletes thru a ‘challenge’  station at the American Youth Soccer Organization skills camp held Saturday, Feb.3 at Sebastiani Gymnasium in Trinidad, Colorado.

On Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Sebastiani Gymnasium in Trinidad, Colorado, the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) in partnership with Primero High School from Weston, Colorado gave an essential soccer skills camp to the areas youngest student-athletes.  Young kids just learning the basics of balance and motion.

The AYSO soccer skills camp offered by PHS takes kids through the very basics of athletic performance.  Through a series of ‘challenge’ stations and whole group exercise activities, the kids are taught how to use fast-twitch, slow-twitch muscle groups, leap, crossover step, move laterally and diagonally, forward and backwards, fast step through a ladder challenge and so on. All as individuals acting as a team.

The event was directed by Primero coach-educator Jose Esquivias with PHS P.E. educator Mark Fernandez and Bulldog student-educators Vince Damelio, Tyler Mattarao, Walter Macwaters and Jose Archuleta taking leadership and instruction roles for about 25 young student-athletes. The instructors and kids announcing “Stay Humble!” at every rotation of ‘challenge’ stations.

Though Esquivias has the assistance he needs to develop the kids with essential motion skills, Esquivias himself is the power piston that makes local AYSO skills camps so much fun for the kids.

The kids at the soccer skills camp are noticeably affected by Esquivias raw energy and love of education.

Sabine Macwaters, mother of Walter, is the regional commissioner for the AYSO and as anyone would notice from her ear-to-ear smile, Macwaters truly enjoys what she and the AYSO accomplish for the kids they serve.

ASYO has been an active youth soccer organization since the 1960s, the skills camps serves about 250 young student-athletes across the region and according to Macwaters, provides a unique, team oriented approach to individual instruction on the basics of motion and balance necessary to play fun soccer.

For more information contact Jose Esquivias  at for future AYSO soccer skills camp scheduling.

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