Bearcats huddle

On Friday Nov. 20, the Branson Bearcats beat the Walsh Eagles in the two teams’ second matchup of the season, after Branson fell to the Eagles 16-12 in week two.

Claiming the game 46-24 the Bearcats managed to turn their season around after exiting their week four game with 1-3 record, Branson fought to win three straight finishing the year 4-3.

“To be a senior on this team was really special. It was my second time playing football for the Bearcats and it was an amazing year to be a senior on this team. I really could not ask for a better team,” said Senior Lineman Peyton ‘Jax’ Jackson.

The Bearcats retired two seniors Friday night, Peyton Jackson and Josh Bell. With a healthy lead late into the fourth quarter, Head Coach Adam Lucero put the seniors in the backfield to find the endzone.

Lucero said, “It was nice seeing our boys finish the season and seeing our seniors go out on a win.”

Peyton Cranson led the Bearcats offense rushing for 278 yards and four touchdowns in the win on Friday night.

Two Joe Cash Autry touchdowns aided Cranson’s ground effort, as the Bearcats recovered from an 18-6 deficit at the end of the first quarter.

Brock Doherty added to an impressive season, recording another two interceptions on Friday night. Those picks now give Doherty a ranking of fourth in interceptions and fifth in touchdowns among freshman nationally in the 6-man division.

“I really enjoyed playing this year, especially since I was not even sure we were going to have a season until a week before our first game. I enjoyed the season and I’ll miss playing football with the guys and I am just thankful for the chance to play and the memories I will have,” said Bell.

The Bearcats return their offensive and defensive starting lineup and look to build on their 3-0 streak from the end of the 2020 season.

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