Lake Trinidad

As of June 2, park staff reports boaters are catching trout on jigs and trolling. There is some walleye being caught in deeper water using jigs. The bass fishing has reportedly picked up over the last couple of weeks. The South shore has produced good size trout regularly using PowerBait, doughballs, and nightcrawlers. Call the park for the most up-to-date conditions at 719-846-6951.

Arkansas River (Leadville to Buena Vista)

As of June 2, Braden Baker with Ark Anglers writes, “Flows have dropped slightly following cooler, overcast weather and the upper river is in very good condition for this time of year, with several feet of clarity and very good wade fishing flows. The cloud cover prompted some good blue winged olive hatches early this week, and the terrain is prime for dry-dropper fishing. As the daily snowmelt cycle ramps up, clarity will typically be best in the upper river after lunchtime as flows begin their daily downward trend and reach their daily low. Hayden Meadows has been fishing well and with far less traffic than you’d see around Salida. Fish attractor dry-dropper rigs in the pockets, edges, and riffles. Golden stone and yellow sally nymphs, caddis pupa, baetis nymphs, or attractor nymphs have been effective in this role under a large dry fly. Once runoff kicks back into gear, fishing opportunities are still possible in the upper reaches of the river although you may need to cover more water to find good holding positions. Focus on fishing the velocity shelters near the banks where fish can hold to avoid the fast flows. During this time, big dry flies and streamers in the soft water areas can still be productive.”

John Martin Reservoir

As of June 4, both the East and West boat ramps are open. Anglers continue to report success catching walleye and white bass. As a reminder to anglers, underwater spearfishing may be used as a method of fishing in accordance with regulations issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Underwater spearfishing is prohibited within 100 feet of any marina, boat ramp, swim beach, or dam infrastructure.

Lake Pueblo

As of June 4, anglers are reporting a hot bite with walleye using a variety of lures, both from shore and while trolling. Visibility is great everywhere on the lake except for some turbidity to the west.

Runyon & Fountain Lakes

The lakes were recently stocked on May 10, April 19, March 19, Feb. 26, and Jan. 27. Fishing overall has been fair to good with a variety of artificial lures.

Arkansas River (Buena Vista to Salida)

As of June 2, Braden Baker with Ark Anglers writes, “The Arkansas River is still fishable despite being well into our historic runoff timeframe. Clarity has improved to around 3 feet of visibility following cool, overcast days and the river is very fishable today. This is a temporary lull in flows that will exit with the forecasted warmth and sun in the next 10 days, but in the very short term, the river is offering good conditions to those that are in the valley this week. Anglers can find success by focusing their efforts on the slow velocity shelters in the river, where fish will migrate to avoid the faster current. While the river is stained, consider fishing high contrast flies like Prince Nymphs or rubberlegs stoneflies in tandem with caddis pupa or baetis nymphs. Golden stonefly and yellow sally nymphs should also be in your arsenal as droppers while we have a bit of clarity. Streamers can also work well in the stained water, as mature trout take advantage of the conditions to ambush juvenile browns. While you still want to cover a fair amount of water, it can pay off to be more methodical and deliberate in your approach, spending a little more time in likely water and making a few more drifts than you would if the water clarity was better. It’s hard to say how long conditions will remain marginally fishable, as we have many sunny and 80-degree days on the near horizon. We may continue to see a stair-step pattern of rising flows and plateaus that give us brief windows of opportunity as flows rise. Make the most of the conditions while they last!”

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