The Primero Bulldogs extended their unbeaten streak to seven games pulling away from a competitive Kim Mustangs who gave the Bulldogs their closest game of the season.

Following their week three wins against Manzanola and La Veta the Bulldogs clinched the conference and secured their trip to the state tournament.

The Kim Lady Mustangs fought hard against an eighth-ranked Cotopaxi Pirates on Friday to keep their win streak alive, the Lady Mustangs are now 7-0.

Week four brings big conference games for all teams, rankings, points and state tournaments all ride on this week’s games.

Kim Mustangs

The Kim Lady Mustangs held off a fierce Cotopaxi Pirates on Friday, Feb 12. The then eighth-ranked Cotopaxi Pirates 45-42, lead by Senior Guard Talara Nittler’s team high 16 points and game sealing free throws.

“Cotopaxi was pretty tough, and it was a good game to get in before district play,” said Nittler.

“We play South Baca and La Veta this weekend and we will really have to focus against South Baca and then keep playing hard into the La Veta game.”

The Kim Lady Mustangs sit sixth on the CHSAA coaches’ poll and fourth in RPI. The Lady Mustangs face tough competition this week against conference opponents Wiley and South Baca.

South Baca Patriots are currently just two spots down from the Lady Mustangs in CHSAA polls, led by Senior Alissa Hebberd who is averaging an almost 15-point 12-rebound double-double.

The Boys team posted a dominant performance against the Cotopaxi Pirates 69-33, but their strength of schedule is a drop this week as they face the 0-5 South Baca Patriots, and 2-4 La Veta Redskins.

The Mustangs escaped a loss from 2-6 Wiley in overtime on Tuesday, this moved the Mustangs to 1-0 in conference play.

The Mustangs will face their fiercest conference competition on Feb. 26 against the Springfield Longhorns in Kim. The outcome of that game will likely decide who wins the state tournament bid.

Feb. 12

Boys: Kim 69 – Cotopaxi 33

Girls: Kim 45 – Cotopaxi 42

Feb. 13

Boys: Primero 66 – Kim 54

Girls: Kim 62 – Primero 6

Feb. 16

Boys: Kim 73 – Wiley 70 (OT)

Girls: Kim 39 – Wiley 38

Upcoming games:

Feb. 19: Kim Mustangs vs South Baca Patriots at Vilas

Feb. 20: Kim Mustangs vs La Veta Redskins at Kim

Trinidad Miners

The Trinidad Miners now three games deep into their season, has just nine practices under their belts both teams now sit at 1-2, with the Lady Miners putting their stamp on the win column on Saturday Feb. 13.

The Miners felt the loss of two key players this weekend in their losses compounded with their difficulties on the offensive end made for a tough weekend.

The Miners are going to have to have a short memory, with just one practice between games this week changes are going to be made on the fly.

“I am just hoping we can get into these games and be there at the end to come out either way but I want the boys to be there at the end of the game,” said Trinidad Head Coach Lawrence Sandoval.

Feb. 11

Boys: Center 61 – Trinidad 30

Girls: Center 45 – Trinidad 38

Feb. 13

Boys: Crested Butte 44 – Trinidad 22

Girls: Trinidad 48 – Crested Butte 44

Feb. 16

Boys: Sierra Grande 49 – Trinidad 23

Girls: Sierra Grande 52 – Trinidad 24

Upcoming games:

Feb. 18: Trinidad Miners vs Del Norte Tigers at Del Norte

Feb. 20: Trinidad Miners vs Sanford Indians at Sanford

Hoehne Farmers

The Hoehne Farmers had a successful weekend claiming victory over both Rye and Rocky Ford this weekend.

“On of the biggest things in the Rocky Ford games is that we had great production off the bench that we hadn’t had previously. Antonio Moltrer and Bob Walter came off the bench for a combined 17 points which was huge for us,” said Head Coach Jesse Price.

Walter contributed seven while Moltrer added 10 to the Farmers 68-point total in their decisive win against the Meloneers.

The Farmers will be pushed this week against the eighth ranked Holly Wildcats and a strong Crowley County Charger team.

The Lady Farmers had a tough week facing second ranked Rye and fourth ranked Rocky Ford in conference play.

Following a blowout loss to Rye, Kent Smith had some motivational words for his team entering their matchup against another top five team.

“I tried to talk to the girls about how we have to accept the challenge and just compete, compete as has hard as you can and that’s all I can ask you girls to do. I thought we improved there and carried that over to Rocky Ford,” said Smith.

The Lady Farmers look to win out for the rest of the season and finish the 2021 season 9-5 overall.

Hoehne scores:

Feb. 12

Boys: Hoehne 50 – Rye 49

Girls: Rye 63 – Hoehne 10

Feb. 13

Boys: Hoehne 68 – Rocky Ford 51

Girls: Rocky Ford 48 – Hoehne 24

Upcoming games:

Feb. 19: Hoehne Farmers vs Crowley County Chargers at Ordway

Feb. 20: Hoehne Farmers vs Holly Wildcats at Hoehne

Feb. 23: Hoehne Farmers vs Swink Lions at Swink

Primero Bulldogs

With the Bulldog’s win over La Veta on Friday night, Primero has claimed their bid to the state tournament winning their conference secures their automatic bid to the 24-team tournament.

“I am really excited with our teams play right now; things are really starting to click for us. We are really starting to play more as a team instead of individuals. I think we have beaten some solid competition this weekend in Kim,” said Head Coach Greg Robinson.

The Bulldogs have an easy schedule booked and are looking to pick up a couple of games against tougher opponents to improve their RPI going into the state tournament for a higher seed.

The Lady Bulldogs, although not in the win column are making progress, with their last four games recording a combined 63 points.

The Lady Bulldogs came within 15 points of the John Mall Panthers, freshman Aliciana Garcia lead both teams in scoring with seven points.

“We are still looking to hopefully get two or three wins out of the season, the girls said going in that they would be happy with one win this season,” said Lady Bulldogs Head Coach James Vigil.

“I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out and supporting is, this was the first week we were able to have fans, that made a difference to the girls too, they really liked having people there cheering. So, I just wanted to thank the community for their support and sticking by us because there are going to be some great things coming out of this team,” said Vigil.

Feb. 11

Girls: John Mall 38 – Primero 23

Feb. 12

Boys: Primero 56 – La Veta 16

Girls: La Veta 53 – Primero 20

Feb. 13

Boys: Primero 66 – Kim 54

Girls: Kim 62 – Primero 6

Upcoming games

Feb. 18: Primero Bulldogs vs Las Animas Trojans at Las Animas

Feb. 20: Primero Bulldogs vs South Baca Patriots at Vilas

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