The Primero LadyBulldogs

The Primero LadyBulldogs faithfully hit the gym boards practicing hard for each game. The girls will face the La Veta Redskins on Friday, April 2.

The Primero Lady Bulldog high school volleyball team continued its season on the road in non-league games against the Creede Miners and the Sierra Grande Panthers on Saturday, March 27 at Sierra Grande.

The Lady Bulldogs lost both games in three sets but played competitively against the two more seasoned teams.

The highlight of the game against the Miners was when junior Mikailah Feinman scored two kills, resulting in the Bulldogs gaining two points and Feinman being named Primero player of the match.

In the second game against the Panthers, sophomore Hailey Harris was named Primero’s player of the match after doing an incredible job receiving and keeping the ball in play.

Other noteworthy players were freshman Hannah Kinnison with twelve serves and no errors against the Panthers, and freshman Skyler McCorckle with strong blocks.

According to coaches, in their next match Primero will be focusing on communication and covering fellow players as they make specialized plays. The team is also hoping to improve ball handling and reducing errors.

The Primero high school team will next face the Trinidad Miners on March 30 at home, and the La Veta Redskins on the road on April 2.

Game stats are as follows:

                 S1     S2    S3    Wins

Creede       25         25    25    3

Primero        9         10    19    0


                       S1          S2    S3             Wins

Sierra Grande   25          25    25              3

Primero              9          19    16              0

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