Primero Wrestling Club

The Primero Wrestling Club members include back row (L-R) Coach Ed Ortiz, Aedin Borja, Riley Monarco, Taden Lopez, Johnny Rivera, Bailey Rodman, Coach Lonnie Lopez and Coach Anthony Borja. In the front row (L-R) are Damien Morgan, Liam Lopez, Joey Chedsey, Aric Filkins, Arian Romero, Billy Hensley and Riley Rodman.

Thanks to the 21st Century Learning Grant, Primero has been able to add numerous clubs and activities this school year - and one of the most successful has been its wrestling program, which is now in the pipeline to become an official sport offered at the district.

Currently, the Primero Wrestling Club is composed of both male and female elementary and middle school students, under the direction of club sponsor and coach Ed Ortiz. Club members have regular after-school and weekend practices, and have participated in competitions throughout the region.

On February 15, the club competed in Pueblo at the SoCo Showdown. At the event, team members Joey Chedsey and Taden Lopez placed fourth; Bayley Rodman and Billy Hensley placed third; Aric Filkins, Riley Rodman, Arian Romero, and Aedin Borja placed second; and Liam Lopez placed first.  

Taden Lopez, Aric Filkins, Liam Lopez, and Aiden Borja competed at the State Rookie Championship on February 29, with Borja earning an impressive second place finish.

At Primero’s January school board meeting, Ortiz spoke with the board, sharing the success of Primero’s elementary and middle school wrestling club, and to advocate for the formation of a formal wrestling program.

The school board unanimously agreed that establishing a wrestling program is an initiative they support. The board decided to form a committee to explore options for creating a formal middle school wrestling team for the 2020-2021 school year.

“When I arrived at Primero a few years ago, I wondered why there wasn’t a wrestling program here,” said Ortiz. “This year, I was given the opportunity and fulfillment of a dream by beginning our youth wrestling program through our 21st Century Grant.”

“We currently have sixteen wrestlers ages 4-12 years of age. We have attended seven tournaments with numerous wins. I have had the privilege of being assisted by Tony Borja, Mark Currier, and Lonnie Lopez. I look forward to continuing this program for all ages at Primero. I owe a huge thanks to Mr. Naccarato, Mr. Byall, and Coach Esquivias for giving me this opportunity,” said Ortiz.

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