Fred Dixon

Fred Dixon, an Aguilar-area resident, recently gave a talk at the Aguilar Public Library on the origins and evolution of the saddle during which about 20 people heard facts about its start thousands of years ago.

Fred Dixon doesn’t stand too tall or wide. Actually, he’s the perfect size for serving in the U.S. Cavalry during the 19th century, which is something one might expect to hear about the history-filled leathercrafter.

Dixon, an Aguilar-area resident, is known for his ability to take leather and morph it into saddles, knife sheaths and gun holsters and not for just private collectors, but also museums and movie productions. His work has been used by the likes of Tombstone (1993), Val Kilmer, the Museum of the Vaccaro in California and private collectors looking for an accurate representation of a saddle or other leather pieces.

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